Full color LED display screen to do waterproof measures?

by:GKGD     2020-04-27
In the misty rain season, especially in the southern much rain, wet weather. This time to do a good job of LED full-color displays waterproof is necessary, for full-color full color LED display, moisture will affect the normal work of the circuit board, result in short circuit, damage the display function and service life. A, indoor LED display moistureproof. Indoor air humidity is lower than the outdoor, so for not as strict as outdoor waterproof, can use the following three methods to reduce the humidity. 1, appropriate ventilation. Ventilation can help to attach to the indoor full color LED display in shenzhen moisture evaporate quickly, reduce the relative humidity of the indoor environment. But, should be avoided in no wind and air ventilation, wet weather it will increase the indoor humidity. 2, put the desiccant indoors. By physical absorption of moisture, reduce indoor moisture in the air, indoor dry, so you don't have to worry about the screen will be affected with damp be affected with damp. 3, open air conditioning to wet. If the LED display installation space to install the air conditioning, is can be wetted wet weather open air conditioning. Second, outdoor LED display in shenzhen moistureproof. Outdoor LED display in shenzhen should not only consider the damp problem, also want to make maintenance work such as good waterproof, dustproof, good sealing installation can help reduce the risk of water display screen and at the same time, can use the following two ways to reduce the humidity. 1, regular cleaning the dust. Clean up the shell surface dust, also help LED outdoor display better heat dissipation, reduce the adhesion of water vapor. 2, often use. the working state of their own will produce some heat, can some water vapor evaporates, can significantly reduce the possibility of short circuit caused by moisture. In addition, the screen in front of the factory, product itself also better waterproof technology, such as module, glue, etc.
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