Full color LED display system topology

by:GKGD     2020-07-03

full-color full color LED display system is based on the LED display screen equipment of large electronic equipment engineering system. Mainly includes six parts: LED display, LED display, LED display control system information processing system, distribution system, full color LED display, LED display, full color LED display structure framework of safety protection system. What is the specific? Below is by shenzhen photoelectric technology personnel to introduce

system working principle:

1, the signal source for camera, notebook computers, desktop computers, DVD and other video output device.

2, signal through a video processor, converted to DVI signal, sent via DVI line connected to the card.

3, the control room distance screen under the condition of more than 100 m, using fiber optic switch card. Use fiber optic cable communications.

4, each display cabinet has one receiving, receiving use cables to connect the communication card.

5, because the screen is T appearance, transmission system adopts from down to up way of communication.

6, the display can play a variety of content, can be input source switching.

7, using a video camera can play to display the real-time video signal and can also link digital set-top boxes, broadcast television content.

8, you can use the playback software, on the computer play the video image information processing good in advance.

this system by computer specialized equipment, the display screen, video input port and system software, etc. Indoor full color brightness to above 800 CD/m2, outdoor full color brightness to above 1500 CD/m2, to guarantee the normal work of the screen, otherwise it will because the brightness is too low and can't see shown in the image.

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