Full color led display the three advantages of sharing

by:GKGD     2020-05-04
The characteristics of the full color led display, as the led display manufacturer we want to know as much as possible, so that customers in the choice, we can according to the actual situation corresponding good products to recommend to the customer. Below to help introduce the three led display at the time of use or choose, can understand the three aspects: 1. Shooting distance to the right as we talk about point spacing and filling coefficient mentioned, different spacing, different filling coefficient of led display, proper shooting distance is not the same. 4 for point spacing. 25 mm, filling coefficient is 60% of the led display, for example, was made the characters and the distance between the screen in the 4 - 10 m is more appropriate, so that when taking people can get a better background images. If the character off-screen too close, close shot in photography, the background will appear grain feeling, also easy to generate moire. 2. Point spacing should be as small as possible point spacing is led display electronic display of the distance between adjacent pixel center. Point spacing is smaller, the more pixels per unit area, the higher the resolution, the closer shot distance can, of course the price is more expensive. At present domestic television studio using led display screen spacing of 6 - 8 mm, to seriously study the resolution of the signal source and the relationship between the pixel pitch, resolution should try to be consistent, to achieve a point-to-point display, so as to achieve the best effect. 3. Color temperature can be adjusted by the studio when using led display screen as a background, the color temperature should be consistent with the studio light color temperature, can get accurate color reproduction in the shooting. The studio lights according to the program requirements, sometimes use 3200 k low colour temperature of lamps and lanterns, sometimes use high 5600 k color temperature of lamps and lanterns, led display, need to adjust to the corresponding color temperature, to obtain satisfactory results. The three is very useful for full-color led display, if when the choose and buy, this is certainly we want very much attention.
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