Full color LED display with LCD screen which is more suitable for you?

by:GKGD     2020-04-19
Full color full color LED display with LCD screen which is more suitable for you? Commercial era of today, many users are struggling with a thing, is I'm with full color full color LED display? Or a good LCD splicing screen? Which is more suitable for? What's the difference? This is the recently we received most of consulting. To your doubt, a solution for you to make a little break down here, hope can help you troubleshoot, let you can rest assured choice suits own more screen! 1. High refresh rate, multi-angle view full-color LED display compared with LCD, LED in brightness, power consumption, the visual Angle and the refresh rate, etc. , have more advantages. And higher refresh rate make full color LED display has better performance in video can provide wide reaches 160 ° Angle of view, you can display all kinds of characters, Numbers, color images, and animation information, can also be broadcast television, video, VCD, DVD, color video signals, such as multiple image to network broadcast, synchronous display screen can also. And full color LED display individual elements of the reaction speed is 1000 times that of the liquid crystal display, under the strong light can also look after not by accident, and adapt to 40 degrees below zero 2 at low temperature. 。 Seamless display, image more clear and full color LED display screen relative joining together, the whole picture of seamless, quality nature more clearly, and splicing screen module and both far and near to watch is an unavoidable splicing gap between modules, didn't display screen showing so clever! Especially now display is constantly updated, small spacing has accelerated the application range of the LED display in the field. 【 full color LED display.
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