Full color LED module on-line automatic detection

by:GKGD     2020-04-28
full color LED display off color or brightness difference is the result of a single module in the production process control does not reach the designated position, but 100% module link without inspection or not, will bring the quality of the whole screen after assembly. In this paper, the module discusses the on-line automatic detection, hope to provide help to the industry development. Accordance with the requirements of display module testing, modification of the original manual testing, design of the machine vision system will be developed into in the process of the LED module testing, without changing the LED module hardware conditions, has realized the online of the LED module, automatic, rapid detection, quality meet the detection requirements of customers, realize the standardization of module production, at the scene of the LED unit board rapid detection applications will have a larger market. To improve the economic benefits of enterprise itself not only, more can promote industry technology progress, promote the development of China's optoelectronic industry, enhance the level of industry technology in China and reduce and replace imports, is of great economic benefits. Develop a set of control LED display module display control system software design, using the high resolution color brightness sensing probe detection module of luminance and chrominance, then adopted the self-developed data acquisition and analysis software, to judge the brightness of the display module and chroma uniformity is qualified, and carry on statistics, records, so as to realize the large quantities of the brightness of the full color LED display module and color consistency on-line automatic detection and industrialization. Implement the principle of full color LED module on-line inspection is the camera ( Contains the brightness and chroma detector) Site acquisition of full color full color LED display module light signals, real-time analysis software. Camera brightness and chromaticity calibrated by standard brightness and colorimeter. ( 1) Full color LED module, automatic positioning detection of LED full-color display module through the assembly line is automatically entered into the online examination system, the automatic positioning triggered after the online test system for testing. Positioning system (GPS) is responsible for module power supply at the same time, and in the plus or minus 45 degrees, 90 degrees realize several modules such as color change. Signal stability after triggering detection system for brightness and color distribution test. ( 2) LED full color distribution of brightness and chromaticity detection and quality step LED full color distribution of brightness and chromaticity detection system is composed of camera and high resolution CCD, camera different focal length lens can be changed according to the need. Collecting image signal detection system, and through the image binarization processing, histogram of the image threshold segmentation technology such as the LED pixel location; Image in the RGB color model is used to calculate tristimulus value, color coordinate, color purity and correlated color temperature and so on chromaticity parameters are calculated; The image using the RGB color model is transformed into the XYZ and YUV color model ( Y said brightness, U and V is the color of two component) Can be calculated easily and quickly, the brightness values of each pixel. On this basis, carries on the full screen brightness, chroma distribution uniformity of statistical analysis, and according to the production requirements to achieve the quality of the screen step, to achieve the requirement of the control panel quality consistency. ( 3) LED full color detection system calibration of camera and high resolution CCD detection system response does not conform to the chromaticity of XYZ color tristimulus values matching function requirements, so the response signals must be calibrated, to complete chromaticity and luminance test requirements. Using standard lamp, LED full color detection system calibration standard spectrum colorimeter and high-accuracy spectrometer calibration system is completed. Standard signal generated from calibration system, constructs the mathematical model, to establish detection system response with XYZ color tristimulus values on the response function of the corresponding matching function. The model contains different lens, aperture, and a series of the response function of the different test conditions, can be invoked automatically in the actual test, in order to realize a calibration, the purpose of continuous use. Simplify using complex degree, greatly improve production efficiency. Conclusion: through the screen of automatic positioning control, the testing analysis of luminance uniformity, color distribution, quality evaluation step such as key technology research and development. Improve the display brightness consistency, realize standardized testing, improve production efficiency and yield, LED full-color displays massive industrialization goal.
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