Full color LED the main four parts do you understand?

by:GKGD     2020-04-29
LED full color is made up of many parts have been assembled, below small make up for your LED full color of the main four parts. A, full-color LED display of power supply, power supply has been rapidly increasing, the LED industry to increase the power of the sales. The stability of the power and performance determines the performance of the display screen, equipped with various types of power supply is to have cultured. the required power is calculated according to the power unit board, all kinds different needs. B, tianjin led full color box, box is based on size, multiple unit plate composed of a box body, multiple box then assembled into a screen. Box body is a professional building, have a simple and easy cabinet and waterproof casing. LED industry's rapid development, but also to do full-color full color LED display cabinet manufacturers almost every month order saturation, drive the development and prospect of making cabinet manufacturer. C, LED screen and indoor LED outdoor screen module, LED module is composed of suite, pan, face guard etc. , full-color LED display is composed of one LED module, which is what we see now full-color LED weaving. D, control system, control system is an important part of full-color , video transmission have been sending card, video card sent to the full color receiving card, again by receiving card will signal to the segmented transmission HUB board: in the receiving card is installed above a connecting plate ( General also called into the HUB board) , receiving card data to the connecting plate, and then transfer the data on the board through the row of single line to display cabinet or single row full color LED display module, and then the LED module and LED module is through wiring connection between data, typically an adapter plate only 8 pins, that is to say, a connecting plate can only pipe line 8 or 8 LED module, data transmission.
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