GKGD photoelectric LED display installation and method is introduced

by:GKGD     2020-04-28
LED display products are applied in many areas in the market at present, according to different application fields and the installation environment, the LED display installation are also different. Today the colour light electricity will arrange for you a the most complete history of the LED display installation, consult for everybody to learn. The GKGD photoelectric installation common ways are mainly introduced: hanging, floor type, embedded, column type, support type, wall hung of 6 kinds of common installation way. 1, 1) mounted More than this installation method is used for indoor and outdoor 2) Commonly used in the entrance channel, and corridors, there is also a station, the train station, the entrance to the estuary metro subway etc. 3) Have used for highway, railway, highway traffic induced using 4) Screen design generally USES an ark design, or lifting structure design 2, 1) inlaying installation The whole LED display embedded wall body, according to plane and metope at the same level 2) Generally USES simple cabinet design 3) General maintenance (before using Positive maintenance design) 4) This installation, indoor and outdoor use, but usually used with small spacing and screen display area is not large. 5) More commonly used in the door of the building, such as building hall 3, column type ( Single column and double column) There are many types of pillar type installation, general for the use of outdoor billboard: 1) Single mast installation method: apply Yu Xiaobing application 2) Double pillar installation method: 3) Yu Dabing applications Enclosed maintenance channel: suitable for simple case 4) Open channel maintenance: applicable to the standard case 4, wall-mounted installation 1) This installation method is usually used in indoor or outdoor 2) Screen display area is small, generally not maintenance access space, the whole screen removed for repair, or made into folding one-piece frame (3) Before the screen area is larger, commonly used maintenance design ( The positive maintenance design, usually adopt column assembling way) 5, the roof installation 1) This installation can display screen and steel frame structure was a key to 2) General installation with tilt Angle, or module adopts the design of Angle 8 ° 3) More used in outdoor advertising display 6, rental hoisting way notice: in view of these common full color LED display installation, the colour light electricity remind you: lifting for the big screen. The general requirements under 6 m * 10 m. Special case material and the ceremonies of the exception. At the top of the crane beam, the bottom of the sill. Hanging beam for hoisting screen. Between line and line body, with the hoisting mechanism connection, between the level of body lock tighten. Lifting body points: gear, taper rod type, screw type. There are different features: 1. Gear type is more expensive, and beautiful, 2. Cone lever moderate price, and reliable. 3. Bolt type the most cheap, reliable, assembly more troublesome, appropriate without disassembling repeatedly. In the real engineering installation, GKGD photoelectric other installations, not introduce one by one here. The six belongs to GKGD photoelectric common installation, install difficulty has been relatively modest. The main installation personnel need to install the operating process is required to strictly implement, to ensure the safety of screen installation qualification, only in this way can really play the spread of LED display effect, meet the needs of advertisers. Well, the colour light electricity summary introduction to the LED display installation and methods of this way, the hope can let everybody have more knowledge of LED display is installed.
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