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GKGD: The sales channel develops steadily, and channel management and service will be the top priority in the future.

GKGD: The sales channel develops steadily, and channel management and service will be the top priority in the future.


Interview with GKGD Management by THE WORLD OF LED DISPLAY

Since last year, the LED display industry has been fiercely competing for channels. Not only have companies vigorously expanded channels, but they have also joined forces to achieve win-win results through channel complementarity. 

Speaking of the well-known enterprises in the industry's internal channel layout, we can't bypass Shanxi High-Tech Photoelectronic Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "GKGD"). In order to gain a deeper understanding of GKGD's channel layout and its views on the development of the industry, but also uphold the principle of deepening industry exchanges and promoting industrial development together, our reporter recently interviewed Mr. Gong, the manager of GKGD's marketing department. :

THE WORLD OF LED DISPLAY: GKGD, which is the leader in the LED display industry's production capacity and output scale, its influence in the industry is increasing day by day. What LED display products have been developed by GKGD? What are the main advantages of your company's products? How many packaging lines and LED display lines have been reached?

Jiangwei Gong: This year, GKGD's ideas are constantly being updated. From the previous expansion of scale and production capacity to the current casting of fine products and plastic brands, we have done a lot of work on products, taking advantage of our own industrial chain advantages and technological advantages. Developed P0.833, P1.25, P1.56, P1.875, P1.923 and other small-pitch products, and also added many unique highlights from conventional products, such as the "Blue Sky Series". The Blue Sky Series was created by taking full advantage of our packaging technology and is also very popular in the market. At present, our company's LED display and packaging production line has reached more than 2,000, becoming the industry's veritable LED aircraft carrier. In the future, we think more about how to better control this aircraft carrier, and better create quality products and serve the market. 

THE WORLD OF LED DISPLAY: In recent years, LED display companies have become increasingly fierce in competition for channels. In order to win the market, each company can be said to be constantly competing for the channel market. What is the layout of GKGD's channel construction for LED displays? And what results have been achieved?

Jiangwei Gong: Starting from last year, we started the strategy of channel sinking. This year, we added the strategy of widening and optimizing the provincial channels on the basis of last year. The sinking is to let the channel development from the original provincial level to the current city and county level channel development. In the past two years, it has achieved very obvious results. While the channel is sinking, the brand has penetrated into the first-tier market even more. We have also injected fresh blood to the provincial channel this year and established a professional engineering channel, which has brought more vitality and motivation to the core channel. In the future, we will take channel management and service as our top priority, and ensure the profit of the channel through management, and the rapid circulation of products. Through the service to ensure the channel's response capacity and overall service level.

THE WORLD OF LED DISPLAY: In the past two years, some listed companies in the industry have been fully expanding the construction of channels. In the face of these changes, how does GKGD ensure its existing competitive advantage?

Jiangwei Gong: First of all, the LED display market is in an immature stage, with many brands, many price grades, and uneven quality, and what we have to do is to strive to control costs and control quality, and continue to pursue the most cost-effective products and be ourselves reinforcement, combined with our existing industrial chain advantages, and maintain the credibility and responsible style of northern enterprises, to return to the market.

THE WORLD OF LED DISPLAY: As the saying goes, "who gets the channels will get the world", how do you view the channel market in the LED display industry? With the continuous maturity of small-pitch LED display technology, what impact do you think it will bring to the channel market?

Jiangwei Gong: Although it is said that who gets the channels will get the world, the long-term construction and long-term maintenance of the channel is far more important than the "channel". Since the small pitch series enter the channel, it shows that our customers' recognition of the product of the display is getting higher and higher. This is a good trend in the development of our industry and a place where our display industry personnel are proud of. With the improvement, customers' knowledge, use, and requirements of display products are getting higher and higher, so we must strive for excellence in product production and quality control to a new level. At the same time, it also shows that our products have truly become commercialized and popularized while enriching the sales varieties of channels, it is a great impetus for the improvement of channel service levels.

THE WORLD OF LED DISPLAY: It was learned that your company set a sales target of 3 billion yuan this year at the GKGD annual sales and sales conference held earlier this year.

Jiangwei Gong: Due to the overall weakness of the overall big market, at present sales of 3 billion is a little difficult, but it has still increased a lot compared to last year, and sales of more than 2.5 billion can be achieved.

THE WORLD OF LED DISPLAY: Could you talk about the development direction and vision of GKGD in the next few years?

Jiangwei Gong: The future development direction of high-tech is very clear. Now the layout of the high-tech industry chain is basically completed, the sales channels are developing steadily, and brand building is changing rapidly. The future is to steadily make progress on the existing basis and make the industry chain more Improve, as always, put product quality and cost performance first, drive brands with high-quality products, broaden channels, ensure sales growth, and prepare for the company's listing in the future.

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