Haze days as well as the solution to the harm of outdoor LED electronic display screen

by:GKGD     2020-04-08
We often see a grey sky, in the morning is called a fog enveloped by something. A, the formation of fog fog, it is the main material of the mixture of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter formed, both for gaseous pollutants, them together with the fog, let the sky became gray. Fog is actually a kind of non-toxic harmless natural phenomenon, and the formation of haze is suspended in the air of a large number of particles and meteorological conditions, the result of joint action. By the fog often, haze appeared at the same time, water vapor, no wind, inversion, the condition such as condensation nuclei are short of one cannot. Second, the fog to the harm of outdoor LED electronic display 1, fog is derived from the condensation of water vapor in the air. That is in the air humidity is bigger, will lead to the led electronic display is wet. Moisture will cause the led display of the PCB, power supply, power supply cord such as easy to oxidation corrosion, even short-circuit, and malfunction. 2, haze is suspended in the air, such as all kinds of small particles of dust, the dust particles suspended in the air is at the heart of the haze. All kinds of fine dust in the air vent will into the equipment, for the fan equipment can accelerate wear and damage, dust will fall on the screen surface of internal control device, not only reduces the screen so heat and insulation performance, will also accelerate display aging, affect the normal life. Three, solution 1, first of all users in the process of purchase, be sure to see whether the outdoor LED display using the environment to the level of dust. In terms of dustproof, IP0X - international norms IP6X, is a way to prevent foreign matter invasion of design level, if the installation in dust and haze weather more northern areas, its front and back got to reach IP65 protection class, that is to say, must be used completely dustproof structure, that is, under the conditions of water jet is airtight. 2, it is important to note that the led display screen of the PCB is done anti-corrosion treatment, such as anti-corrosion coating paint, etc. ; The power and the power cord is selected high quality accessories; And view the most easy to corrode the screen body welding, whether done antirust processing. 3, in the process of daily maintenance, must be regularly dust removal, avoid damp weather dust absorbing moisture in the air caused by short circuit, PCB and electronic components of mildew.
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