Hebei what are factors influencing the price of led display?

by:GKGD     2020-06-27

in the led display is more price influence factors, such as, led display screen size, as well as raw materials, as well as the control system, and form a complete set of facilities, and so on, these are all you need to pay attention to take care of that, and you need to use according to their actual use environment, so this is also the price will have big different.

in the led display of the raw materials, is mainly include led lamp bead, and light board, and housing, etc. , in the way of the installation, you can often see the installation way is the wall, as well as the pillar, the two different installation type this also will be the price difference, the select material of the frame is different, the price the you will find that the charge is not the same.

actually now as most of the led display in the choice of the material, not only pay attention to environmental protection, as well as in the cost price is relatively low, therefore, when everyone in the choice to compare, this is not the price is very high.

here different led display manufacturers in the choice of materials, this is will be a certain difference, a lot of times when you see the appearance of the led display is similar to, but it is because the internal material choosing this will have certain difference, so, this is also there will be a difference in price. Although there are times when the price is the point of view that we need to consider, but in the choice of when everyone still need to pay attention to the quality of your goods.

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