How can you make full-color LED display more clearly?

by:GKGD     2020-04-14
Full color LED display screen hd display should have two basic premise, one is the video sources must be hd, 2 it is you have to support high-definition full-color LED display screen display can be realized. With the development of the society, people of full-color LED display screen display demand is higher and higher, high-definition, high-definition display market gradually become the mainstream. Hd video footage brings shock effect is very strong, relative to the content of the traditional video picture displayed its more attractive, more can satisfy people to the beautiful pursuit of high quality audio and video. So that, in addition to the two basic premise, how can let full-color LED display become more clear? The full-color LED display manufacturer billiton photoelectric analysis analysis for everyone. A, improve the full-color LED display contrast: contrast is one of the key factors affecting the visual effects, generally the higher the contrast, the clearer image lifelike, strong color more gorgeous. High contrast for image clarity, details of performance, the gray level are of great help. In some black and white contrast is larger in the text, video display, high contrast full-color LED display in black and white contrast, clarity, integrity, has the advantage. Contrast for dynamic video display effects to be bigger, because of the dynamic image of light and shade change is faster, the higher the contrast, the easier the eyes distinguish the transformation process of the image. Full color LED display contrast enhance mainly is to improve the brightness of the LED display, and reduce the screen surface reflectivity, however, the higher the brightness is not better, is too high, but counterproductive, will not only affect the service life of full-color LED display, also can cause adverse effects of light pollution to environment and crowd. Full-color LED display, LED panel and LED tube to carry on the special craft processing, can reduce the reflectance of LED panel, also can improve the contrast of full-color LED display. Second, improve the full color LED display gray level: LED display gray level refers to a single color from the darkest to the brightest in the brightness, can be the difference between the brightness of the series, full-color LED display gray level is higher, the color is rich, colour is gorgeous; On the other hand, according to a single color, simple changes. Grey level enhancement, can greatly enhance the color depth, making image color shows an geometric increase in the number of levels. Now a lot of full color LED display manufacturer can display of the grey scale do bit of 14 ~ 16 bit, make image level resolution details and vivid, colorful display effect more exquisite. Three, to narrow the points spacing full-color LED display: to narrow the points spacing, full-color LED display can well improve the definition of the display screen, because the smaller point spacing, full color LED display pixel density per unit area is higher, can show more details, pictures showed more exquisite realistic. Four, full-color LED display, combined with a video processor: LED video processor can use advanced algorithm of image quality is not good signal to the decoration of execution to interlaced, edge sharpening, motion compensation and a series of processing, enhance image details, improving the quality of pictures showed. Video processor image scaling processing algorithm, was used to ensure video images after scaling processing, maximum keep the sharpness of the image and gray level; In addition, you also need to video processor has rich image adjustment options and adjustment effect, to deal with image brightness, contrast, gray level, to ensure the full color LED display output soft clear picture.
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