How does Typhoon Electric’s LED electronic screens “hide risks” outdoors?

by:GKGD     2021-05-21

There are mangosteens and Limaqi. Every disaster will cause losses to the country and individuals. When a typhoon is warned, it is necessary to pile sandbags and store food in the first place. You may be curious that such a big typhoon is possible. Dangerous buildings are crumbling, how did the outdoor LED electronic display screens survive? As a manufacturer of led electronic display screens, I would like to 'explain' to all curious friends.

1. Be alert to typhoon trends, learn about the latest typhoon trends by watching media reports, weather forecasts and other media information, and withdraw staff who need to go out for work in advance;

2. Ask the manufacturer when buying, whether there are lightning protection equipment for outdoor LED electronic displays. Typhoons and rainstorms are usually accompanied by thunder and lightning. The natural enemy of outdoor LED electronic displays is thunder and lightning. If the display is struck by lightning, it will cause display. In addition to the damage of the screen, the outdoor LED electronic display must be installed with lightning rods and other lightning protection equipment;

3. In addition to lightning rods and other lightning protection equipment, grounding equipment is also very important. The manufacturer installs the power lightning protector in the distribution box and then grounds it to ensure the safety of the outdoor LED electronic display;

4. The supervision engineering unit must strictly follow the anti-typhoon grade standard for the display screen during installation. The load-bearing steel frame structure is installed, and it has a certain degree of earthquake resistance;

In a known environment (rain, blizzard, etc.), the outdoor LED electronic display itself has a high waterproof Ability, in the outdoor use environment, the outdoor led electronic display must reach IP65 level, the module is encapsulated by glue, and the waterproof box is selected, and then the module and the box are connected with a waterproof rubber ring. At present, the outdoor is waterproof and anti-electric, etc. The functional development is becoming more complete, and the installation methods are more diversified (such as: column type, inlaid type, wall-mounted, hanging type, etc.). Customers and friends are relieved to worry about damage, contact the manufacturer as soon as possible after damage, and communicate how to deal with it. The best solution.

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