How many employees in GKGD Led Display?
Shanxi high-tech Huaye Electronic Group Co., Ltd. utilizes an abundance of technologies to generate high-quality goods. The business makes full use of their possibility of our highly competent workers to continuously enhance indoor electronic message boards . The exact direction of the organization's leaders, as well as the efforts of employees, have made GKGD Led Display.

Since establishment, GKGD Led Displayhas become a recognized expert in manufacturing led wall. With our development, we are able to provide more product portfolio. We will show you the outdoor led displays series that is most popular with customers. video wall rental is one of the most advanced rental led displays at present, which have such features as low cost for maintenance. This product has undergone rigorous inspections, with up to 500 cycles of thermal shock resistance. GKGD believes through the professional service, our customers can save their time and energy enjoying the best outdoor led displays. High contrast is one of its biggest strengths.

GKGD Led Displayprovides our clients with a more detailed led screen alternative. Please contact.
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