How many outdoor scrolling led sign are produced by GKGD Led Display per year?
There is a steady increase in the annual output of outdoor scrolling led sign at Shanxi high-tech Huaye Electronic Group Co., Ltd. . This reflects our positive growth and development in the market now. Since established, we have been emphasizing the importance of the product and service quality because we firmly believe high-quality input will definitely bring high returns. Some of our customers repeat purchasing products from us and others highly recommend us to their friends. Thanks to our customers sincerely, we have been receiving a larger customer base and gained more confidence in this fierce industry.

GKGD Led Displayhas been a qualified manufacturer both in the domestic and international market. We are proficient in manufacturing led screen. We will show you the led screen series that is most popular with customers. led screen reflects the innovative features such as led wall. The product has extremely high reliability, resistant to thermal shock up to 200 cycles. Our professional and friendly customer service team is able to solve questions about rental led displays. Its high-strength structure is not easy to be deformed.

The superb quality and expert support of GKGD Led Displayis bound to satisfy more and more customers. Check it!
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