How much is a square small spacing led display?

by:GKGD     2020-07-04

normally said to the small distance between the price of led display, is often said in the appearance of thousands of yuan a square, specific price based on display for each specific functional differences. Such as the screen with protection level and configuration is different, in the end the price per square are also different. Take the P2. 5 small spacing led display, it usually offer from seven thousand to eight thousand per square. Specifically, then, the small distance between each square price led display with which projects have a relationship?

1, the protection grade

usually this kind of led display in IP65 protection grade control - Between IP68, although the degree of protection can control range is not big, but the protection level determines the final price of every square is different.

2, materials

import materials and domestic material is also the cause of price differences between, if is usually watch brand, but also imports, after all, not all imports are the best at present domestic some of many domestic brand quality is also very good.

3, flatness

together without the display screen, eventually the smoothness effect will directly affect the appearance and function, so the higher the roughness, the more the price will not low.

4, resolution

resolution is actually led the fundamental difference between quality, high resolution for the requirements of the led lamp bead itself is not low, it is very crucial.

small spacing is currently on the market basically led display should be in the price of every square between thousands of yuan, and because the protection grade difference, the difference of material, the roughness and resolution differences, so the whole display prices are more or less the existence of certain differences.

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