How to adjust the LED stage screen resolution

by:GKGD     2020-05-02
Resolution is also called the resolution, the general understanding for screen display pixels, it is generally believed that the LED screen resolution stage, the higher the fidelity of the image, however, not every screen can support unlimited high. So, how to adjust the screen resolution? Below small make up to you to introduce the screen resolution adjustment method. Method 1, this is the most conventional methods: right-click the desktop space, choose 'properties' - 'Settings', in the window of the Settings TAB at the lower left, there is a 'screen resolution' drag to the left and right control block can change the screen resolution ( Drag note each time the Numbers below) , after confirm a high-resolution numerical can click 'ok'. Method 2, Intel, for example) Right-click the desktop space, select the 'display mode' - 'True color' - '1024 * 768' ( According to the need to choose here, but not too much) And so on; Methods 3, ( Intel, for example) Right-click the desktop space, choose 'properties' - 'Settings', in the window of the Settings TAB right there is a 'senior' - 'Adapter' - 'All patterns', choose a suitable mode combination ( Pay special attention to don't choose too high refresh rate Hertz) 。
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