How to choose a suitable led display?

by:GKGD     2020-04-27
Commonly used models of full color LED display: 1, outdoor full-color full color LED display of commonly used specifications are: p5, p6, p8, p10, p12, p16, p20 2, commonly used indoor full color LED display screen specifications are: P1. 667年,p2, p2。 5、P3、P4 P5、P6第七页。 62, P10 3, stage background rental LED display (wedding ceremony Also be led rental screen) Specifications are: p3, p4, p5, p6 in general for high-end customers, on the basis of the preferred display effect is good or bad, indoor led screen generally choose p4 model within the specification ( The lower the number, the higher the pixel density) , outdoor optimization consider p10 p4 indoor full-color screen within a square pixels at 62500 points, can meet the requirements of most indoor scene, the display effect is clear, no glare screen, can be viewing Angle is large, and the viewing distance is in commonly 4 - Between 15 meters, very suitable for indoor display the enterprise culture and enterprise information unit propaganda video playback, etc. And pursuit for more clarity of the customer, for example, many schools, government units, video conference room, meeting room colour light electricity p2 are recommended. Within 5 indoor led screen, for example, indoor p2 full-color , the pixel density at 250000 points/square meters, can be used for PPT show, conference and other kinds of extensive use of text, images, scenes, frequent use of such indoor led screen, can satisfy the meeting whole staff comfortable reading in every Angle from the front screen text needs. If you don't know how to choose a suitable correctly, you are welcome to inquire, we will provide you with details of the image contrast figure, design scheme and construction scheme.
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