How to choose LED full-color displays

by:GKGD     2020-04-14
General customer in full color LED display screen of choose and buy, the first thing to consider is the specifications of the LED display. Let's take a look at the specifications of full color LED display screen is determined by the factors: 1. Display environment. Is outdoor, outdoor or indoor, the environment is different, the corresponding waterproof requirement and the brightness is different. Outdoor waterproof demand is high, generally over IP65. According to the environment can determine the approximate scope of choose and buy is outdoor full-color displays or half outdoor full-color displays, or indoor full-color displays! 2. The best observation position the distance from the installed screen, depending on the distance. This distance is very important, it directly determines what you display models of choose and buy, general indoor full-color displays models into the P6, P7. 62, P10, P12, outdoor full-color displays models are divided into P10, P12, P16, P20 and so on, these are normal, also such as pixel screen, bar screen, screen for different types and different, such as only said routine, P at the back of the figure is the distance between lamp bead, the unit is mm, generally we the minimum visual distance is equivalent to the size of the P at the back of the digital. Namely P10 optimum spacing of 10 meters, this method only roughly estimate! There is also a kind of more scientific and specific methods, that is the lamp bead density using per square, such as P10 density of 10000 / square, is the best distance is equal to 1400 divided by ( Point density open square) 。 Such as P10 is 1400/10000 = 1400/100 = 14 square meters, is the best observation P10 display distance is 14 metres away! 3. Customer orientation. Now entered the stage of industrialization of the production and manufacture of LED display, each manufacturer is provided by the product quality and the price also is uneven, in addition to understand the use environment and requirements of our clients, we also should know the positioning of the clients, we according to the customer to have location choice different class products. Of course we suggest customers with high quality and low price products, but we must remind customers, LED products of quality differences. These differences can be divided into the following several aspects: A. The light-emitting devices and production of LED unit board use drive chip quality brand difference. B。 The LED unit board production process by difference. C。 Production of LED full color chooses different materials and accessories. Example: the power can use brand, aluminum and wire with national standard. Then we can also use the same brand or the target material, so that make to display must be on the appearance and stability is another. D。 Production process. Capable, experienced the technology of the company is more mature and perfect, the use made of the same material products will be more stable.
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