How to control and improve the quality of the shenzhen LED full color?

by:GKGD     2020-05-01
How to control and improve the quality of the shenzhen LED full color? Reflect the special LED full-color LED display quality important index is what? First LED device as a full-color LED display of the most key components, for three reasons: first, the LED is spoken by the largest number of the key device in the full color machine, every square metre can use only a few thousand to tens of thousands of LED; Second, the LED is to determine the main body of the whole screen optical display performance, directly affect the audience to display; Again, the LED display screen as a proportion of the overall cost in most, ranged from 30% ~ 70%. LED the whole choose to display more than 50% of the quality. If fail to choose a good LED, display other parts again good also cannot make up for the defect of the display quality. Reflect special LED full-color LED display quality of the important indicators mainly include: one, the failure rate due to the shenzhen LED full color by tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of set of red, green, blue three kinds of LED point of primitives, any color LED display screen overall failure will affect visual result. In general, according to industry experience, at the beginning of the full color LED display assembly to aging failure rate of 72 hours before delivery should be no more than three over ten thousand ( Refers to the LED device itself causes of failure) 。 Second, the antistatic ability' Shenzhen LED full color. LED is a semiconductor device, is sensitive to electrostatic, easily lead to static electricity failure, so the antistatic ability is very important to the life of the screen. In general, the LED pattern of human body electrostatic voltage test failure should not be less than 2000 v. Three, the attenuation characteristics of red, green and blue leds have increased with the increase of working time intensity attenuation characteristics. The pros and cons of the LED chip, the stand or fall of auxiliary materials and the quality of packaging craft level determines the attenuation velocity of leds. In general, after 1000 hours, 20 milliampere light test at room temperature, the red LED attenuation should be less than 10%, the attenuation of blue and green leds should be less than 15%. Red, green, and blue attenuation of the consistency of full-color LED display great influence on the white balance in the future, will affect the display fidelity of the display screen. Four, the brightness of LED brightness is an important determinant of the display brightness. LED brightness is higher, the greater the allowance of using current, is good to save electricity, stabilizing the leds. LED value has a different point of view, in the case of chip brightness is set, the smaller the Angle, the LED is more bright, but the smaller screen view. Generally should choose 100 degrees of LED display screen enough to ensure that the point of view. In view of the different spacing and different visual display, should be in brightness, Angle and find a balance on the price. Five, consistency, shenzhen LED full color is composed of thousands of red, green and blue leds of primitives, each color LED brightness, the wavelength determines the whole screen brightness consistency, the consistency of the white balance consistency, color uniformity. In general, the manufacturer of display device vendor for 5 nm wavelength range and 1:1. 3 LED brightness range, these indicators can be made of device supplier classification through the testing machine can achieve. The consistency of the voltage generally do not require. 【 Shenzhen LED full color.
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