How to deal with bad environment outdoor outdoor led large screen

by:GKGD     2020-05-03
Anti high temperature, outdoor led display screen usually larger area, in the application process of large power consumption, corresponding to send out quantity of heat also is big, coupled with the ambient temperature is higher, if not timely solve the problem of heat dissipation, so is likely to cause problems such as short circuit PCB fever. In production to ensure that the display board in good condition, as far as possible in the shell design, choose hollow out design, help to heat dissipation. During installation, depending on device, adhere to the display screen is drafty in good condition, increase the cooling equipment needed to display, is like inside with air conditioning or fan to help screen heat dissipation. Typhoon, the installation position of led large screen many classes, outdoor installation is also very diverse. Have to stick a wall, Mosaic, pillar, hanging, etc. So in the typhoon season. To make the led display devices do not drop, the bearing steel frame structure of the display there are strict requirements. Engineering unit must be strictly in accordance with the standards of typhoon resistance level to design installation, but also have a certain seismic ability, ensure the outdoor led large screen not drop causing casualties, etc. Rain, rain weather, south led display itself, so it has very high waterproof protection grade can't rain. Used in outdoor environment, outdoor led large screen to achieve IP65 protection class, module through glue encapsulation, choose waterproof casing, with waterproof aprons connect module and the box body. Lightning protection, led large screen, outdoor lightning protection mainly has four parts 1) Lightning protection, outdoor screen, outdoor screen not at nearby tall buildings within the scope of direct lightning protection shall be on the top of the screen to steel structure or set up near the lightning rod. 2) Induction lightning protection, outdoor screen ( Domestic power supply system for 1-2 levels of power lightning protection, signal lines equipped with lightning protection device. Room to do level 3 lightning protection power supply system, signal out of/into the room: put an electronic signal lightning protection devices. ) 3) , all led large screen circuit ( Power supply and signal) Should be buried. 4) And the front ( Outdoor screen) And computer room grounding system should meet the system requirements.
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