How to indoor full color LED display screen points

by:GKGD     2020-04-06
Full color LED display screen points how to calculate? Actually aimed at the problem, summed up a LED display manufacturer practical calculation method of indoor display points, share with everyone: we know that you know a display points, must know the full color LED display screen area and type of information, calculation of indoor LED display can points. Under the first to popularize the concept of point spacing, the meaning of P is the abbreviation of English point, represent the spacing between the center and the center point, also is often said point spacing ( The default unit is mm) point spacing 。 So you understand, the indoor display P3 spacing of 3 mm, indoor display screen P4 pitch 4 mm, so on. P4 indoor display, for example, some distance to 4 mm, a P4 points of 62500 square meters area, calculation analysis method is as follows: 1 square metre is 1000 mm and 1000 mm wide area, so can have more so on length: L = 1000 mm / 4 mm = 250 points, in the same way, also have on width H = 1000 = 250 mm / 4 mm, because all points are rules matrix arrangement, so, on 1 square meter area will have L * H = ( 1000毫米/ 4毫米) *( 1000毫米/ 4毫米) = ( 1000毫米/ 4毫米) 2 = 62500 points. In order to facilitate understanding of indoor LED display points calculation method, here, for example: customers in custom P4 indoor full color LED screen, required size for 5 meters long, 3 meters wide, with a total area of 15 square metre, so there are two kinds of calculation methods for reference: a, estimation methods: L * H = ( 5000mm/4mm) *( 3000毫米/ 4毫米) = ( 1000毫米/ 4毫米) 2 = 937500 points. Second, accurate method: suppose is to use the 128 mm x 64 mm specifications of the unit board, need to unit plate number: 5000 mm / 128 mm long = 39. 06 material 39 blocks of 3000 mm / 64 mm wide = 46. 875 pieces of material 47 pieces of actual screen length 39 * 128/1000 = 4. 992 meters actual screen width 47 * 64/1000 = 3. 008 m L * H = ( 4992毫米/ 4毫米) *( 3008毫米/ 4毫米) = ( 1000毫米/ 4毫米) 2 = 938496 points. You can see two kinds of method to calculate a slight difference, this is because the actual screen is not required, is limited by unit board, body size, a bit error. But the structure is reliable, the above is about indoor display L points calculation method, more questions can contact lian cheng, sincerely service for you.
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