How to make better disinfection of LED display during the outbreak? This disinfectant must not use!

by:GKGD     2020-04-30
In a critical period against new coronavirus pneumonia infection, for the disinfection of the public has become epidemic prevention and control of an important work. The as one of today's mainstream display products, are widely used in major public places. So the disinfection work of LED display has become universal concern of the numerous customers. And, because the full color LED display is a precision instrument products, in terms of disinfection work, also has its unique way of disinfection, improper disinfection product selection may cause irreversible damage to the LED display. Below, will learn together with the colour light electricity, how to carry out disinfection LED display! GKGD photoelectric LED display has the ultra thin small spacing, quick installation, maintenance, high refresh, high contrast, wide visual Angle, etc. Below for LED display of disinfection work give you some advice: 1, LED display, suggest use 75% of medical alcohol wipe disinfection, sterilization after dry with a clean dry cloth as soon as possible; 2, can not directly use 84 disinfectant directly on the LED lamp beads, plastic and other electronic parts surface to wipe, avoid corrosion; 3, workshop, warehouse and activities on-site disinfect cut off power supply, prevent fire, should pay attention to prevent electrostatic, keep ventilated pay attention to safety. The outbreak of the more common use of 84 disinfectant containing chlorine, bromine, the LED devices and display products can produce corrosion, irreversible damage, therefore cannot be directly used for disinfection of LED display. In addition to 84 disinfectant, other bromine-containing disinfectant, chlorine dioxide disinfection products, also need to be used carefully. Now the epidemic prevention and control in the final crucial stage, we must make full outbreak of the prevention and control work, work together to strive for an early victory over the outbreak.
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