How to see LED display offer

by:GKGD     2020-05-01
Below the LED electronic display manufacturers 'union photoelectric' below 15 aspects for the LED project traders and LED display screen manufacturer to offer the reference resistor. 1. Display screen costs: general is to calculate how much money per square metre, namely common LED display offer XXX yuan/m2, of which type of display used, material is different, price also have difference. Screen quotation includes a full set of required: full color LED display screen, tube core module, module power supply, circuit board, IC driver chip steel casing and plastic mask and display all internal wiring, cables, etc. General is tax included quotation, this might be different, specific consultation when ask clear. 2. Cost control system: display the cost of sending card and receiving card, a screen typically require 1 to send card, installed inside the computer mainframe. Control the use of the card is mainly based on screen size to determine the number. In general area, the greater the density, the higher the display, the more the number of receiving card used. 3. Control computer: a necessary equipment for control of the full color LED display, need to configure the requirements or higher: dual-core CPU, 2 gb of memory, more than 512 m independent video card, motherboard PCI slot. 4. Sound + pa: let display synchronous video playback sound equipment, general equipped with 1, 2 audio power amplifier. 5. Distribution: a small area of LED display can not; Recommended maximum power consumption in more than 10 kw power display equipped with, can provide each device for display devices running stable voltage power supply current, effectively prevent the display of power supply source switch jump box, etc. 6. Air conditioning: a cooling device, outdoor LED display more than 28 m2 must be air conditioned by manufacturer, in order to ensure the normal operation of the screen body and prolong the service life of display various devices. General indoor screen or small screen can need not; Large indoor display is strongly recommended that equipped with wall-mounted air-conditioner, effective cooling, to ensure normal travel, display high temperatures reduce the failure rate. 7. Multi-function card: indoor display use, main effect has a period of time intelligent adjustment mpe glorious full-color LED display screen brightness, temperature values, such as intelligent control so as to achieve energy saving province electricity, prolong the service life of the LED display. Indoor display can not use. 8. Arrester: outdoor LED display, mainly against lightning protection devices; Indoor display can not use. 9. Video acquisition card, TV card, a small card, installed in the computer, deserve to go up the corresponding driver software, can make screen synchronization broadcast cable TV channel program, whether to need to use, can choose and buy, the price is not expensive. 10. The LED video processor: mainly to improve the overall screen display application effect and function, fully tap the value of the display screen. Solve all kinds of video access, signal processing and display, can accomplish many format conversion problem between the signal format. The LED video processor numerous brands and models, different prices. 11. The LED player software, including computer system software, LED video player software, etc. Are provided free of charge. 12. Steel structure and installation: used for fixed installation screen bracket, generally with a steel frame structure, and aluminum-plastic plate or stainless steel material. Artificial installation costs (including Suggestion: can be provided by the manufacturer free steel structure design drawings, customers in the local find producers is made, make simple, general workers can complete, less cost, convenient installation) 。 13. Shipping: shipping distance your budget, believe that our customers can accept. Cost client is responsible for your own, real news. 14. Technician: display the delivery to the customer at the same time, company send 1 - Two technology engineers door help guide installation, commissioning. Customers need to be responsible for the technical engineer generally accommodation and travelling expenses, the real news. 15. Extended warranty cost budget, extension and 2% a year, 5% for two years, three years of 15%, and so on. Through the above introduction, believe everybody on the LED display offer some understanding and engineering budget.
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