Improve the efficiency of LED display driver power supply of the eight kinds of skills

by:GKGD     2020-06-25

now LED display has been widely used in cities in our country, not only enriched the mass culture, is also an important symbol of urbanization development, now with the call of energy saving and emission reduction, LED display also slowly in the field of low carbon environmental protection development, how to effectively reduce energy consumption, improve the efficiency of full color LED display driver power supply? Here are by photoelectric technology personnel to introduce

1, the main current circuit PCB short as far as possible;

2, to optimize the design of the transformer parameters: reduce the eddy current loss on ringing;

3, reasonable selection switch device: this is the balance of cost and performance;

4, input EMI section optimization design;

5, choose efficient topology structure;

6, choose good electrolytic capacitor;

7 part, start, the efficiency of power design;

8, choose one linear regulator, make the chip work in 15 v to reduce wear and tear.

is photoelectric to introduce the above eight kinds of skills to raise efficiency of full color LED display driver power supply, LED display has low cost, high brightness, long life, effective play, etc. Nowadays, shopping malls in the square, street, or in the community, can be seen everywhere the form of LED display!

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