In 2010 LED who occupied the commanding heights will won the market

by:GKGD     2020-04-04
According to the current development of LED display industry, in the face of market opportunities and challenges are great, China's first full-color LED display, issued by the national standard in the near future, this will fry the originally is very hot in LED display field become more material. The industry since the recent period of time within the given data and message view, the future of China's LED display market there will be a great opportunity, but the desire in the market of enterprises should also know that there are also big challenge LED display field. Opportunity is just around the corner looking at China's airports, railway stations, ports, stadiums, Banks, schools, factories, post and telecommunications, shopping malls, hospitals, industry and commerce, taxation, customs, the monitoring center and advertising industries such as entertainment, there is a market worth about 40 billion yuan. This is lian sen photoelectric ( China) Chief executive officer olivier piccolin in an interview with the media revealed an alluring data. In LED display business, represented by his Chinese LED display market in the future will be a race. Confidence comes from the attitude of the Chinese government and LED display product itself a strong advantage. Energy saving advantage of LED display products, predict its future industry leading position unshakable: this year LED display company who occupied the commanding heights who will won the market in recent years, the Chinese government is more and more resolute attitude LED display, may be united's LED display products are lucky enough to get the government's strong support. In addition, large domestic construction of public facilities have horse, and increased the number of the use of LED display products. The opportunities hidden behind the huge challenges the Chinese market the huge profit space, began to be LED display giant lock quietly at home and abroad. Will also be involved in this market, however, there is a high risk. Current LED products cost is high, has become each enterprise r&d key to get into the industry, many industry insiders said that 2010 will be the test LED display enterprise capital strength important a year. Who first occupied the commanding heights, who will have the broad market. The wrong direction, again far also disconsolate. The current domestic many lighting enterprise has for an investment in LED products research and development and a huge sum of money, but how the road ahead, these companies don't have much is clear. The good news is that recent miit announced the first batch of national standard LED display products, pointed out the direction of product development for the enterprise. The personage inside course of study analysis, in a new field, LED display at home and abroad enterprises and will open a competitive sport, who wins who negative, there is no limit, only in the fierce market competition to constantly improve themselves.
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