In upstream prices, LED companies are making a 'price war'?

by:GKGD     2020-04-20
Open since 2017, industry raw material prices as years ago in the industry expected to be rising, especially in the middle of February, gains more scary, since march into the raw materials price increases, the shortage of the situation worse, according to the analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, after the two sessions, PCB and other raw materials prices will continue to go up. Upstream raw materials is no longer the frenzy round round of price increases 'news', in the second half of 2016 the industry experienced the baptism of 'boom', some industry insiders have said next terminal display products price trends, by definition, whether to stand in the Angle of the industry, or the user's point of view of raw materials rose will inevitably increase the cost of enterprises downstream pressure, reasonable range of prices is undoubtedly the best way to transfer pressure, after entering 2017, in addition to pay attention to the news of the rising prices of raw materials, for the downstream plate mills, we are aware, thought led companies are soon will usher in a wave of rational price, especially in March a screen companies fired companies to open in the price of the first gun, announced its door head series: ChanHong, single white, green, blue, dazzle colour red raised after 3 yuan a collective, estimates that a lot of people are waiting for the downstream screen companies have rise in price of the more violent wind, at this time, however, continue to spread the 'price' of the wind screen, in the current raw material prices soaring under the environment of the downstream screen of this kind of price movements, small make up said: really can't understand! Downstream screen companies announce - — The price! In February 2017, the first not to downstream screen companies such as the news of the price, but come of is a leading enterprises such as announced in the first quarter of 12 product launch and product price will be down 22% and its five standard product such as D2, H3 to implement 'zero down payment' message. After entering the march, followed by a reliable source, according to the current screen companies are represented by wholesale channels have announced price cuts, and industrial strength reduction is a big part of the screen, there are even screen enterprise strength reduction of 10%! Is seems to be playing for real. Or, in general, is the market is not good, need to cut prices to stimulate the market, or is the enterprise to expand the scope of the market, grab the market by price, or a chain reaction of economies of scale - — You reduce the price I can only follow down, from the point of the current situation of the development of the industry, small spacing/VR / 3 d technology development in full swing, commercial display, rental and leasing market is on the rise, certainly not shenzhen LED display market is not good. In fact, in the current shenzhen full color LED display technology continuously deepen and mature, the rising industry consolidation, and comes as prices of raw materials, this for some strength screen companies is a good chance to 'step up', because they have more capital and capacity, channel support, let them price and benefits to the customer at the same time, to further expand their markets, so as to optimize their industrial chain, to create greater value for customers. Downstream, on the other hand, a strong screen prices falling prices also lead to more small and medium-sized panel companies have to make their own production capacity, technology, channel construction, and constantly optimize supply chain, etc. As is known to all, the current 'concurrently Evergrande, the stronger the strong' the industry situation of many small and medium-sized LED companies prefer to self digest raw material price pressure, also don't want to rise in price easily, is already teeth to hold out, a set of 'price cut combination' down, not just the rhythm of life? If you don't conduct from research and development, production and sales of a comprehensive upgrade, I'm afraid is 'run'. , of course, all this is in the price of 'benign competition', the premise of a good prediction of the trend of the current price, whether the upstream raw material prices, or downstream screen companies reduce the price, let small make up a little feel most comfort with the downstream screen companies depreciate storm comes, screen companies for more attention to the quality of the products, and even a lot of news from product upgrading, and industrial chain optimization screen companies, it seems to remember the bitter fruit 'vicious price war' before the seeds, not forget the screen product quality enterprises' head! Also want to take, whether the price war upgrade, everyone can by the product quality as the first priority.
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