Indoor and outdoor LED display screen of choose and buy what are the main factors

by:GKGD     2020-04-08
LED display as a current popular media tool, increasingly favored by the masses of users. LED display in the form of graphic, animation, video, real-time, synchronization, and clear the release of all kinds of information. Not only can be used in indoor environment also can be used in outdoor environment, with a projector, TV wall, LCD display screen the incomparable advantages. By the LED display, many users said in the LED display screen of choose and buy when do not know how to start. Below to commonly used indoor and outdoor display screen to do a simple introduction: buying 1 a, indoor LED display, indoor LED screen models: indoor LED display mainly the P2. 5, P3, P4, P5, P6 full color LED display. This is mainly classified according to the LED display point spacing, P2. 5 is the distance between two pixels is 2. 5 mm, P3 is 3 mm and so on. So point spacing is different, we pixels per square meter is different, so our definition is not the same. The smaller the dot density, unit the more pixels, the higher resolution. 2, installation environment: the environment is the first consideration we choose our LED display. We LED display is installed in the hall, or installed in the conference room, or the installation stage; Is fixed installation, still need to move to install, etc. 3, recent viewing distance: what is a recent viewing distance, is our people are usually on the screen watched by a few metres away. As we P2. 5 the best viewing distance in 2. 5 m thought, the best viewing distance P3 in 3 m thought, as the name implies, following P besides LED display models on our behalf, also represents our best viewing distance. So when choosing indoor LED display models, about the recent viewing distance must estimate, so easy we choose good model. 4, screen area: the size of the screen, LED display screen of choose and buy, also has relationship with us. LED display screen size is also one of the important factors that affect the price of LED display. In general, if there is no more than 20 square meters of indoor LED display, we general advice in the form of a bracket, if more than, we suggest using simple box. Also, if the screen area is larger, often also can through the area of the screen make up for the defect of our recent viewing distance, but it is best not to compensate for it in this way. 1, type 2, outdoor LED display screen of choose and buy: outdoor LED display, common are P10, P12, P16, P20 full-color LED display, etc. Outdoor LED display in the form of is into the light, which means we three red, green and blue lights are separated, each lamp is independent, there are three lights of a pixel point, in forming an LED unit board. 2, installation way and height: according to our outdoor installation height, can choose to our outdoor LED display model provides a good basis. If our installation height is higher, larger area of the screen, so that we can choose the type large LED display, if P16, P20, etc; Choice of the P10 and vice, etc. Installation is not the same, we choose our LED display cabinet is important reference basis. General besides wall installation, other installations, I suggest that in sealed box. 3. Viewing distance: recent viewing distance, is also choose one of the important reference of outdoor LED display.
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