Indoor full color LED display the difference between P3 and P4

by:GKGD     2020-06-30

in recent years, the full color LED display screen into indoor hd display area, it may be said is a leader in the field of hd, but according to the standard of visual display, P4 hard 1 square meter display the ideal requirements. As said earlier, P3 single m resolution to twenty-five thousand points, the higher the technological breakthroughs achieved 1 square meters super clear show the effect of the pursuit, LED approach is another super clear cut area. So what are the difference between the indoor LED display P3 and P4?

1, first of all, P3 and P4, behind the p value is the spacing between two pixels or lamp ( The unit is mm) , so their spacing between 3 mm and 4 mm. So the points on the same area, P3, P4 is less, such as 1 ㎡ area P4 pixel point is about 62500, but only 111111 on P3.

2, full color LED display point spacing is smaller, the higher pixel, screen resolution, the better. But point spacing is smaller, the production difficulty will increase, so the same body types and configurations, prices are higher than P3 P4.

3, the greater the distance between point and suitable for the farther the distance, in general, there can be a formula to calculate the best viewing distance = point spacing/( 0. 3 to 0. 8) , this is a probably range. P4 for viewing distance for 5 - the calculation 13 m, within the scope of this watch, the effect is good, enough to meet daily reality application. Of course if the P3, effect is good, but it is not necessary, and the budget will be higher.

photoelectric technology personnel tell you to choose the appropriate must consider viewing distance and full color LED display screen area, comprehensive factors such as price, lian cheng here send it is recommended that you choose can satisfy the daily practical application to the products of the show, because the right is the best.

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