Indoor LED display and outdoor LED display several differences

by:GKGD     2020-04-30
For most users, may take it for granted that indoor LED display and outdoor LED display on the products do not have too big difference, there are some users will also be consulting, whether can be used in indoor LED screen transferred to the outdoor. Detailed analysis in this article, GKGD photoelectric for you the difference between the indoor full color LED display and outdoor LED display, hope to be able to choose the right products to all our customers to provide help. 1, brightness difference: indoor LED display brightness demand is not high, mainly with dynamic scanning circuit. Outdoor LED to the requirement of brightness is higher, because it is a static scan circuit, the hardware difference is bigger. Dynamic scanning is the most important of in order to save display hardware costs, with the number of driver chips vary more than ten times, so it would be a great decision indoor screen brightness is lower, generally is between 1600 CD / ㎡, is only suitable for indoor use. 2, waterproof difference: indoor LED structure requirement basically is not waterproof, even if is simple waterproof processing, and high demand for outdoor LED display on the waterproof, because often encountered in the outdoor wind and rain thunder, so during the production of cable and casing to waterproof processing, at the request of the enclosure structure itself also have differences. The GKGD photoelectric to all new and old customer commitment, we all outdoor LED display products are waterproof and lightning protection, can stand the test of the resident outside environment. 3, viewing distance difference: the requirements of the indoor LED display is the viewing distance, models generally in P1. 5,P1。 75年,P2, P2。 Between 5, P3, P4, the area is not too big, are relatively common is within an area of 100 square meters. And outdoor LED display for viewing distance is relatively far, models are generally P8 between P20. Considering the actual use of outdoor scenes, and cost factors, these types of LED display pixel density is lower, more suitable for the application of outdoor large LED electronic screen size. Comprehensive consideration the above three factors, GKGD photoelectric think: indoor LED display screen and outdoor due to different brightness, waterproof processing, model selection, caused the product production of raw materials, accessories, cabinet hardware is different, so the indoor LED display and outdoor LED display can not be used for.
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