Indoor LED display application characteristics analysis

by:GKGD     2020-04-16
Indoor LED display is a general installation and use of LED display, indoor environment contains a large bucket type screen, full-color LED display, ordinary, special-shaped display, such as more than one category, in brightness, viewing distance, color reducibility and outdoor products has a significant difference between the two requirements. Brightness, considering indoor full color LED display installation area area is finite, brightness than outdoor is much lower, and in order to take care of the viewers eye adaptation process, which can adaptively adjust brightness can also, this not only more energy conservation and environmental protection, also can carry on the human from the viewer needs to adjust. Indoor LED display pixel pitch is generally in the following 8 mm, viewing distance is relatively close, especially small spacing LED screen viewing distance can close to 1 - Within 2 meters. After viewing distance closer, improvement will follow the screen display effect, the details of the show strength and colour reducibility and also have to be very outstanding, not apparent to the person sense of particles, which are the advantages of LED large screen. Special-shaped screen with large bucket type screen is more special, tend to be more screen splicing and viewing Angle 360 °, the Mercedes Benz and cultural center of Shanghai think twice to undertake large bucket type screen and Henderson 688 square shaped screen, is the classic. Indoor full color LED display function 1. Video broadcast function: play the video recorder, VCD, VCD、DVD、LD) Such as video shows, meet the basic needs of recreational activity; Broadcast cameras, clear, no flashing into display video images, realize various programs live; Brightness, contrast, saturation and chroma can be regulated through software, the adjusting range is for grade 256; The Line - Double function converts interlaced images to a non-interlaced image, move for compensation; Can play AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT and VOB file format; With functions of Video image compression control; With overlapping ( VGA +真空) , image ( Video) And VGA display mode; With functions of display synchronization; Provide for the use of power amplifier has all the audio signal, with at least 2 road camera video input interface; 2. Information release features: full color LED display screen can display a variety of computer information, graphics, drawings, and second, the three dimensional animation, etc. , has the rich way, according to rolling information, notification, slogans, etc. , large capacity of storage data information; Broadcast system with multimedia software, and broadcast a variety of flexible input information; Can play text messages, broadcast form can roll, roll, introduce derivation model, can move up, left, messages can be aired. Font, size, can be arbitrary choice, can be set playback speed, and multiple messages can be broadcast simultaneously broadcast, or with animation and image at the same time. Full color LED display has a variety of Chinese font and font to choose from, also can enter the English, French, German, Greek, Russian and Japanese and other foreign language; 3. Network features: full color LED display is equipped with a network interface can and computer networking, can broadcast at the same time the network information, and to realize network control, according to customer's requirements for different locations more screen, centralized control adopts 'VPM + broadband' through the network for remote control.
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