Indoor LED display dynamic energy saving technology

by:GKGD     2020-04-16
What is indoor full color LED display dynamic energy-saving technology? Dynamic energy saving skills, namely the chips have read the information that came to take the initiative to suggest, no information flashes when the demand is not recommended, arrived in dynamic energy saving function, decline in consumption, this skill can be energy-saving 10% 30% ( According to the picture quality) 。 That active start-stop skills like cars, when on the clutch pedal cars in a continuous state machine will take the initiative to intermittent operation, when the clutch pedal, suggested that machine will take the initiative to suggest again, and then save unnecessary fuel consumption. When the flashing full color LED display is black, Continuous electricity) ,PWM - SS double energy saving driver IC will continuously work into dormancy condition. Such as playing a slide just text, text is white, the other area is black, just flashing text area power consumption at the moment. When the whole screen in breath screen standby status ( Continuous electricity) , the screen is almost no electricity. PWM - SS double energy-saving drive IC will flash of light and shade change picture, take the initiative to adjust current, the lower the screen brightness, less power consumption. PWM - SS double energy saving driver IC based on flash picture color rich degree and degree of saturation, take the initiative to adjust current, such as from a colorful picture, switch to a dark color, display power consumption will take the initiative to decline. In addition to dynamic energy saving, the PWM - SS double energy-saving driving IC, the user is equipped with power only 4 v, low voltage and energy saving about 27%. At the same time the PWM - IC with DS - SS double energy saving driver Energy-saving function and high order of PWM PWM driver IC 4 k, all functions such as 3840 hz refresh rate, gray processing more energetic, not only such, work display surface temperature by 30%, and brightness.
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