Indoor led display need to pay attention to the choice of the parameters of the problem

by:GKGD     2020-05-04
Indoor display device, now basically are used to the indoor display, this kind of equipment on the display and advertising effectiveness is staggering, so in all public places in popularity, especially in large cities are common. So when we in indoor display screen of choose and buy, should pay attention to which parameters to be the problem? 1, the roughness parameters. For any display devices, indoor display of flatness is crucial, it directly affects the final show effect. General cases, the required roughness must be within 1 mm error, so that we can ensure no distorted image. If a convex or concave exceeds the range, can let a display effect is very bad. 2, the visual Angle of the problem. Display when the installation is known to all, can't guarantee and the line of sight of people are parallel, so there is a problem of pitching Angle, this requires the indoor display needs to have certain visual Angle, if the pitch is too big, video display effect will be affected. So also requires that the LED screen has certain packaging visual Angle. 3, the parameters of the brightness. The reason we can see the good display effect, it is related to the brightness of the display, the general indoor display if brightness is too low, may show that the effect is not line, especially in the daytime, basic can't see images. Must ensure the brightness, so it also has a great relationship and LED tube core, if bad tube core, brightness is not guaranteed. Brightness, of course, also want to be in a reasonable scope, if too bright, also easy to bring light pollution, but also waste energy.
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