Indoor led display of stainless steel and using method

by:GKGD     2020-05-04
The application of led display more and more widely, small spacing display at that time also became a leader in 2019. Friends received project, always want to make things good and beautiful, so in terms of engineering budget, if you can save more labor cost but that is again good thing. See online display has a lot of the introduction of steel structure production method, below I give everybody to share, about the display package edge. Indoor display if use aluminum back plate to package edge, cost is cheap, of course, but step compared with stainless steel edge, more trouble, the key from the design and aesthetic point of view, is relatively low. And use titanium stainless steel edge, high-end atmosphere can also highlight display overall aesthetics. We choose titanium stainless steel edge, can provide the steel structure design, first find the producers in the local made, but there are a few points need to note: 1, calculated the dosage of the whole project, according to the drawing for the small size of the screen, a molding material must ensure that the net size of the margin, the general control in 0. Less than 5 cm. If the screen size is larger, can be material length calculation more 5 ~ 10 cm margin, and the joining together of direct cross embedded at the bottom, so convenient net is the size of the benefits of accurate guarantee allowance. 2, according to the actual display good need for the thickness calculation of edge ( Stainless steel flange) Size, the producers have a condition, best can in rushed out of the top and bottom of the shutter, in order to display the internal heat. 3, the edge of the corner part of the best in the producers do there, to the construction site you just need to joining together. 4, if it is a bulge on the display of metope of steel structure, does not have the support part also need maintenance after, at the bottom of the best in the structure of the bottom liner Angle steel or other materials, carelessly trample empty, avoid maintenance personnel will be stainless steel edge deformation is not easy to recover. Below again about large size screen pack installation steps: under the edge processing good package about the classification, can from the top or from the first to start the installation. The top and bottom of the package edge is not easy to be seen, can use the countersunk head screws dovetail. On the side of fixed position can be used to make gum. Note that stainless steel must be against the structure of the steel tube stick stainless steel good reoccupy hammer stability after the last block took place needs to be sorted out pegged suppressed prevent stainless steel stick instability or loose drop would then carefully check whether the stainless steel is tightly stick repeatedly every step should be careful meticulous to finish stitching the overlapping position need to measure good measure, as far as possible to remove too long size. If you don't want to do and cross processing must use stainless steel measured precision cutting machine for cutting stainless steel back Angle ruler measurement, the Angle of repeating these actions have been bit by bit to repair the precise size of the cut of the sand and then surrounded by next step this step by step until all the whole will overlock stitching is complete, the next day to dismantle suppression with wood.
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