Indoor/outdoor LED display normal installation

by:GKGD     2020-04-14
1) Indoor LED display installation: lifting: indoor bearing concrete roof can use standard hanging pieces, boom length depending on site conditions. Indoor steel beams using wire rope hoisting, coat and screen the same color steel decoration. Mount: normal mount: applicable to LED display screen's total weight is less than 50 kg, can be directly on the main wall, do not need to leave space of maintenance. Rotating bracket mounting: apply to weight more than 50 kg, screen body height and width not less than 1200 mm of LED display, must be installed on the main wall, because of its general area is larger, tear open outfit is difficult, so through the screen body repair the space. Set pack: framed structure is a hole in the wall, the LED display embedded in them, for the mouth of the cave size match the casing outside the LED display size, and make the appropriate to decorate, for ease of maintenance of a hole in the wall must be well versed in, otherwise you need to remove the body before using. 2) Outdoor LED display installation: outdoor LED - 显示。 cnLEDw。 com/'> LEDLED display area is larger, the steel structure design should consider basic, wind load and earthquake magnitude, waterproof, dustproof, environmental temperature, lightning protection, and many other factors. Placed inside the steel structure to power distribution cabinet, air conditioning, axial flow fan, lighting and other auxiliary equipment, also have. , maintenance facilities such as gym. The outdoor screen structure to conform to the following IP65 protection class. Mount: buildings: the outdoor LED display is installed on the platform or on the post. Column is divided into column and double column, in addition to the need to make the screen body steel structure, still need to make concrete or steel columns, mainly considering the geological condition.
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