Rental Outdoor/ Indoor LED Display

Rental Indoor/ Outdoor LED Screen Display uses high quality SMD GKGD LED, which is hardwired and pre-maintained. Ren Tai Series offers more energy-efficient driver ICs on request, saving up to 30% in power consumption. This LED video wall rental series uses PWM driver ICs with a refresh rate of up to 4k +. Copper/ copper leadframe or gold/ copper leadframes are available upon request and brightness, which can be customized as required. It can be applied to the stage, wedding decoration, studio, exhibition center, etc.

Door Head Full Color Series led wall constant current drive for stable display and long life. Use high quality lamp beads featuring self-packaging. Standard or custom module fixtures, compatible mechanical parts. Cost-effective. It can be used in banks, cinemas, bus stations, shopping centers, schools, government departments, etc. Door Head Full Color Series can be used to display information such as company names and announcements. Find rental led displays via GAGD with a nice price.

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