Indoor transparent LED screen features is introduced, and the common selection requirements

by:GKGD     2020-05-03
Indoor transparent LED screen just as its name implies is to be used in the field of indoor. Usually used in concert, television stations, shopping malls. Below is the key for indoor transparent LED screen to introduce in detail, and the selection requirements. First of all, indoor transparent LED screen is generally not waterproof, windproof and other requirements is required. Like the sweet, iClear - F series, protection grade is IP30, which is of general protection standards in the industry. In fact, because it is indoor display, the brightness demand is not high, generally at about 2000 CD / ㎡. This is easy to understand, for example: we at ordinary times, the phone's screen is fixed at a certain brightness, can see clearly in a room, but after go out, found that the brightness is very dark, can't see clearly, this time will increase the screen brightness. This is because the outdoor itself is very bright, light refraction, reflection phenomenon happens, watch the effect will be affected. Similarly for transparent LED screen. In addition, indoor transparent LED screen project general not big, a lot of more than 100 ㎡. And viewing distance is close, the screen display effect is higher, so choose 3. 9/7. 8 this model. About indoor transparent LED screen type selection reference: small area of screen is not recommended to choose large gap specification, but large screen with small spacing specifications can be. Such as 30 ㎡ transparent LED screen, 7 is a suggested alternative. 8, unfavorable choose 10. 4 or 12. 5; More than 50 ㎡ transparent LED screen, of the three. 9, 7. 8 and 10. 4, budget enough, choose 3. 9 effect is clear, of course, but choose 7. Eight more economical and practical.
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