Interpretation principle of LED electronic display driver

by:GKGD     2020-04-09
LED display is composed of several display unit joining together, the display mode using LED dot matrix and the principle of computer monitor screen phase map. In most of the LED display system, and use the refresh type driving method, namely to each LED display drive unit to latch the data, to the scanning line, according to the LED display driver board structure, using 1 p16 scanning duty ratio. As for the LED electronic display screen drive principle of what? See below analysis: we can design the LED display driver board driver circuit with two pieces of 74 hc595 are needed 4:16 line line decoder, it provides the required line scanning circuit signal, but also with 74 hc595 are needed for chip serial shift register, it will shift of the serial data into parallel signal output from the system, so that driver column needs to provide serial, parallel shift clock lock into the signal and the output enable signal, line scan need to shift of the serial data input and the serial clock signal. Display screen has been China LED one of the most mature areas of application, and is one of the most concentrated area of LED industry scale enterprises. For a long time, LED display field has not been the mainstream media, investment institutions, and even LED the personage inside course of study. And with the development of the industry, the LED display in China in the international market will also give priority to with foundry into independent brands.
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