Introduction: basic knowledge about LED display

by:GKGD     2020-04-12
LED display according to different application places, can be roughly two categories, especially outdoor billboards and outdoor screen. Due to the LED outdoor billboard application environment is different from indoor screen, condition and environment is poor, nature of LED light-emitting materials and housing have higher requirements. In general should be used in outdoor billboard LED super bright light-emitting materials, light height ( UHB) Refers to the luminous intensity reach or exceed 100 MCD LED, also called candela ( cd) Level of LED. High brightness A1GaInP and InGaN LED the development of progress very quickly, now running at regular material GaA1As, GaAsP, GaP is unlikely to be performance level. At present, the color display the three primary colors red, green, blue and orange, and yellow variety of color leds are reached grade candela luminous intensity, realized the high brightness, full color, outdoor full-color display of luminous tube to become a reality. Luminous intensity is higher than 1000 MCD, can meet the needs of outdoor all-weather, full color display, LED color big screen can show the sky and the sea, realize 3 d animation. A new generation of red, green, blue high brightness LED reached unprecedented performance. Outdoor billboard pixels are red/green/blue three primary colors ( Primary colors) Many of the single tube LED, commonly used products are pixel tube and two pixel module structure. The 12 - pixel size 26 mm, pixels: monochrome to 2 r / 3 r, 4 r, pseudo color r2yg / 1 r3yg / 1 r4yg, true color, such as 2 r1g1b mostly in the form. One, outdoor kanban system design principle: 1, the structure design principle: 2. Brightness and color matching based on: 3. The reliability design principle: 4. The safety design principle: 5. Easy management and operational design principles: 2, LED display screen installation: wall hung: the display back against the wall, and fixed on the wall. This way as the common way, and is easy to implement. Sit upright: display sitting on the platform. This way the most easy to implement, places where conditions permit should be prioritized in this installation. Mosaic: screen set in a wall inside the box. This way, if the metope of concave depth is not enough, must consider its maintainability. Side hanging: screen on both sides of the force, lateral hung between two buildings or column. This way is often used to empty Spaces in the screen body suspension, two columns based on screen hanging requirements. Three, the structure design: 1, the material selection, with Angle as the main material of screen frame, anti-corrosion, refractory processing. 2, the structure of the body: the big box structure, enclosure material grinding, galvanized, plastic spraying processing, have waterproof/corrosion resistant function. Enclosure with the thickness of thin, light weight, high strength, using technology to ensure the installation precision positioning column, etc. 3, the structure of the framework: due to adopt standard enclosure structure, make the screen frame structure is simple, positioning accuracy and easy to control the installation of the screen process, ensures the flatness of the whole screen. 4, the connecting structure: using welding and fitting with the connecting way, simple and feasible and can ensure the connecting strength, improve the efficiency of the installation of the screen at the same time. Four, system protection function design: 1, the safety distribution system: a. The electrical system b. Antistatic design c. Lightning protection design. Safety design, screen body structure: a. Wind design b. Anti-shock design c. D waterproof design. E moisture/condensation prevention design. Dustproof design f. Anti-oxidation/corrosion protection design. 3, the temperature control system design: A. Screen of the cooling system and heat design: a. Good drives option b. Improve the technological design of c. Complete system protection device d. Protection technology advanced system: namely 'dynamic cooling technology, sealed convection, internal convection air cooled. B。 The screen body design at low temperature. 【 LED display.
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