Introduction: LED display electrostatic protective measures

by:GKGD     2020-04-05
In recent years, the LED display production technology in China is yet to mature, application field widely popularity and become a trend. But at present most of the manufacturers of led display is not fully in the production of such products, real ability, thus brought the hidden danger to the led display products, that affect the entire market. How to standardized production, how to produce low attenuation, long lifetime in the true sense of LED display products? This article only from the view of the electrostatic protection of LED display production process, to discuss the process of electrostatic damage and its protection methods. The causes of static electricity: from the microscopic said, according to the theory of atomic physics, electrical neutral substance in the electrical balance state, due to the different material electronic contact of gain and loss, the balance of material lost electricity, produce electrostatic phenomena. Tell from the macro, the reasons are: the object between the friction heat production, stimulate the electron transfer; Objects of the contact and separation between electron transfer; Electromagnetic induction cause unbalanced distribution of surface charge; The friction and the synthetical effects of the electromagnetic induction. Electrostatic voltage is made up of different kinds of material and touch each other and separation. This effect is known as triboelectrification, generated by the voltage depends on the mutual friction characteristics of the material itself. Due to the LED display in the actual production process mainly is the human body and the related components of direct contact and indirect contact with static electricity. So according to the characteristics of the industry, we can do some corresponding measures to prevent static electricity. Static electricity in the hazard in the process of producing LED display: if any link in the production of ignore the anti-static, it will cause electronic equipment failure and even make it to further deteriorate. When the semiconductor devices placed separately or load circuit, even without electricity, due to electrostatic also may cause permanent damage of the device. If known, LED is a semiconductor products, LED the voltage between two or more stitches stitches over components dielectric breakdown strength, will cause damage to components. Oxide layer is thin, the LED and driver IC to electrostatic sensitivity is, the greater the for example of solder is not full, solder itself quality problems, and so on, will have serious leakage path, causing devastation. Another failure is due to the node temperature above the melting point of semiconductor silicon ( 1415℃) When. Electrostatic pulse energy can produce local war fever, hence breakdown tubes and IC failure directly. Even if the voltage is lower than the dielectric breakdown voltage, also can produce this kind of failure. A typical example is that the LED is composed of p-n junction diode breakdown between the emitter and the base current gain drastically reduced. LED by itself or in the drive circuit of each IC after affected by static electricity, or may not appear immediately functional damage, the potential damage of components in use process will usually appear, so are lethal effect on the life of the screen. Electrostatic protection measures in the production of LED display: a, grounding. Grounding is directly to the electrostatic discharge via wire connection on the earth, and this is the most direct the most effective in anti-static measures, for usually use the method of grounding conductors, we require artificial using the tools of grounding, grounding anti-static hand ring, and working mesa grounding, etc. ( 1) In the process of production, requirement worker must wear grounding electrostatic bracelet. Especially in the feet, plug-in, after debugging and welding process, and inspection, quality personnel must be at least once every two hours to do the bracelet static test, test record. ( 2) When welding, soldering iron should be used as antistatic low constant temperature soldering iron, and maintain a good grounding resistance. ( 3) In the process of assembly, as far as possible, use the low voltage dc electric screwdriver with ground wire ( Commonly known as electric group) 。 ( 4) Ensure the production machine, glue machine, aging aircraft effective grounding, etc. ( 5) We require a production environment do laying copper grounding, such as floors, walls, ceiling, etc. , and some situations should be anti-static materials used. Often, even ordinary gypsum and lime paint metope can, but it is prohibited to use plastic ceiling and ordinary wall paper or plastic wallpaper. Second, the esd ground wire embedding. ( 1) Factory building lightning rod reinforced concrete building and the general welding together properly grounded, when lightning occurs, the ground of the ground and the whole building will be high voltage heavy current discharge points. It is generally believed in the discharge ground within the scope of 20 m will be 'step, namely in the range is no longer the ideal zero potential. In addition, the zero line of three-phase power supply due to could not have absolute balance will have the unbalance current produced and into the zero line of the ground, so the anti-static ground wire embedding point should be 20 metres away from buildings and equipment. ( 2) Embedding method: in order to ensure the reliable grounding, less due to three points above ground, namely every 5 m 1. More than 5 m deep pit, will be more than 2 m iron pipe or Angle into the pit, The Angle iron inserted into the underground for more than 2 m) , again with a 3 mm thick copper platoon this three welded together, with 16 m2 introduces indoor for main line on the insulated copper wire welding. ( 3) Pit with a moderate amount of charcoal powder and industrial salt, in order to increase the soil electrical conductivity, the landfill after measured with grounding resistance tester, grounding resistance should be less than 4 Ω, and tested at least once a year. ( LED display]
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