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by:GKGD     2020-04-12
With the popularity of LED display, LED display not only bring convenience but also of our lives to the city adds a fashionable, gorgeous color, especially in shenzhen the bustling metropolis is more popular. In recent years, shenzhen LED display is the shadow of the fire, like mushrooms is pull up all the eye can see, so why shenzhen LED display so popular? What specific advantages of LED display in shenzhen? The following simple introduction for everyone by LED display manufacturer. 1, the integrity of the industrial chain, shenzhen is one of the world famous electronic, of design, advanced technology, Compared with other cities) And hardware processing is more perfect than other places. With these basic no matter what the development of emerging industries are the basis. From components manufacture, purchase and sale of shenzhen efficiency is more efficient. 2, good location advantage, adjacent to Hong Kong, the fine port, road transport, aviation and supporting facilities make the shipping industry is more developed than other cities. 3, simplify the administrative examination and approval procedures, and flexible policies to guide: compared with other cities, shenzhen is a young city of vitality. When the country's reform initiated and plots will choose in shenzhen. Due to the guidance of all production activities are dominated by the market, so the open market in shenzhen market information more informed than other cities can facilitate decision makers a better guide to policy. 4, capital markets have higher activity: as is known to all, the rise of a new industry of the early stage of the inevitable large investment, shenzhen developed financial early financing more flexible later can help enterprise expansion is more easy to log in the capital market. 5, and a broader market: because of its good geographical location and developed industry, shenzhen now has brought together 15 Chinese electronic information enterprises and more than 1900 electronic enterprises, become the main force to promote the growth of electronics industry in guangdong, in 2012, shenzhen electronic product sales are expected to reach 1. 1627 trillion yuan. 'And electronic product manufacturing is very important to China's economic development and its exports account for a third of the total exports of China's foreign trade. '6, rich human resources: shenzhen mature technicians, engineers, designers, marketing and management personnel more abundant for the production of high quality LED display screen provides a good human. According to statistics, at the end of 2010 permanent population, 1035. 790000 people, including population of 251. 030000 people. Including the floating population of the total population of 13. 22 million people. Shenzhen lian sen photoelectric co. , LTD. ( www。 szlenson。 cn) Is one specialized is engaged in the LED display development, production, sales and engineering services in one high-tech enterprises, the main products have LED display, leasing, LED full color LED display, LED screen, LED unit board, LED table stick unit board, indoor full color LED unit board, LED display module and so on product sales, indoor LED display price is favorable, welcome consulting.
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