Introduction to the basic principle of led display performance evaluation

by:GKGD     2020-05-03
With the increasing of led display applications, people also have more understanding for led display. Due to the led display led display itself has the characteristics of customized products, and on how to choose a suitable led display products and terminal customers usually need good communication with sales, is likely to formulate a scheme to meet customer needs. Due to the led display is a stronger professional products, professional customers usually does not judge the basic knowledge of the product, so, you first need to build a recognition criteria. Led display led display with such a large information display terminal, its basic function is the source of information, fully and faithfully show the target audience, this includes static images, text, a dynamic video and audio. Therefore, the standard simple said is 'fine' look, give a person see, must be people see the feel good is good. Omit a lot of professional term to describe, so also helps to reduce the distance with the customer, to reach a consensus on the basic standard. But, why some led display 'look good', some led display 'look bad? ' This is because the two key factors affecting the effects of led screen display: 1, the brightness of the led display: to correctly display the information in an environment, there must be enough to ensure the actual contrast of image brightness. So, according to use different led display of the environment must have the corresponding brightness to guarantee. Led display after put into use, as the brightness of the light source of led display tube begin to decay, when the intensity attenuation to the initial brightness halfway through, by definition, a display of the life is over. So the brightness decay rate is one of the important performance of led display. 2, the consistency of color led display: in gezer display, each color brightness, chroma is consistent, in white, no noise. This is to ensure that the correct restore information source the basis of color information. Early in the use of led display, generally should be able to ensure consistency of color. As the attenuation of led display tube in use process, as a result of the semiconductor device itself has individual difference, and the difference of the led display production process in each led display tube decay curve is different, resulting in as the growth of the use of time, the color of the led display consistency from bad to worse. Based on the above two basic judgment basis, we can reach a consensus with the customer is: judge led display intrinsic quality, one of the important factors that is the choice for the led display tube: attenuation rate is low, the attenuation curve of good consistency. To ensure that do this, you first need to led display lamp superior manufacturing of the manufacturer, second in the display of the entire production process is not hit by the electrostatic led display tube and so on.
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