Introduction to the characteristics of indoor LED transparent screens and common selection requirements

by:GKGD     2021-05-21

As the name implies, the indoor LED transparent screen is to be used in the indoor field. Usually used in concerts, TV stations, and shopping malls. The following will focus on the indoor LED transparent screen to introduce in detail, and the selection requirements.

First of all, indoor LED transparent screens generally do not need to have requirements such as waterproof and windproof. For example, the current Witham iClear-F series, the protection level is IP30, which is also the general protection standard in the industry.

In fact, because it is an indoor display, the brightness requirements are not high, generally around 2000CD/㎡. This is easy to understand, for example: usually our mobile phone screen is fixed at a certain brightness, and it can be clearly seen when used indoors, but after going out, the brightness is very dark and it is difficult to see. At this time, you must increase the screen brightness . This is because the outdoor light itself is very bright, refraction and reflection will occur, and the viewing effect will be affected. The same is true for LED transparent screens.

In addition, the general project of indoor LED transparent screen is not large, and many do not exceed 100 square meters. And the viewing distance is closer, and the screen display effect is higher, so the 3.9/7.8 model will be selected.

Regarding the selection of indoor LED transparent screens: It is not recommended to use large-pitch specifications for small-area screens, but it is possible to use small-pitch specifications for large-area screens. For example, for a 30 square meter LED transparent screen, it is recommended to use 7.8 instead of 10.4 or 12.5; LED transparent screens above 50 square meters are available for 3.9, 7.8, and 10.4. If the budget is sufficient, the effect of choosing 3.9 is of course very clear, but choosing 7.8 is better. Economical.

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