Introduction to the value of the led display

by:GKGD     2020-06-25
In 2008, the national stadium ( The bird's nest) In the more than 90000 viewers and hundreds of millions of viewers in front of the TV, under the collective witness the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was held in Beijing. When carrying a huge picture scroll of the civilization history of China's five thousand slowly unfolded in front of the audience, how many people are shocked by its grand, atmosphere, and colorful and amazing. And behind that is the number of LED display in silence to pay ( Learned that the picture is made up of millions of leds patchwork) 。 Objectively speaking, only the can also undertake the task. Tool not only display the information from the original single and double color LED display to full color, from outdoor straight into the indoor table, and then to the door appearance, indoor and outdoor COB. After years of development, now LED display products has received great rich, LED display is being applied to more occasions. LED display as the tool of information display, its value has been fully reflected, but the label is firmly fixed. Era in the development, advances in technology, LED display people also in constant adjustment and transformation of thinking. For LED display, LED display one of them is how to further mining potential value, break its existing value labels, let the LED display in a face, back into the public eye. To go in two steps: first step, how to make innovative changes from the design, make the led electronic display more integrated into the surrounding environment, this step is the premise, is the foundation; Value in the second place, from the kernel to seek breakthrough, we know the advantages of LED display is obvious, such as high luminance, energy-saving, long life, big can view and so on, so its application potential is very big still, the key is how to put it with the creative potential. How to blend into the surrounding environment in the outdoor, LED display highly not harmonious with the surrounding environment problem is increasingly outstanding, when the LED display light will appear a certain degree of light pollution, and where work is not like a piece of scar of the city. Therefore, the current outdoor LED display is facing an increasingly strict regulation. But as a display of city commercial activities, promoted the carrier of urban modern spirit of LED display, its function also nots allow to ignore. How to balance the contradiction and conflict between the two? How to break this kind of embarrassment? The only solution is to make the LED display better in environment, thoroughly eliminate the disharmony factors, the most ideal effect is to make the LED display as a unique urban scenery, let the maximization of the value of it. In the field of outdoor LED display, the industry has many enterprises do creative screen with the surrounding building perfect docking, leaves a LED display as the city's new landmark, a new card. “ Asia's first outdoor LED display & throughout; Project, & other Throughout xinjiang successfully software park building thousand square meters LED display &; Project, etc. Indoors, also faces this problem. How to make the LED display can become more integrated into the environment? Actually we need to do more creative design also. In this regard, the oil painting is an example of can draw lessons from. When we are in the distance, sometimes even close watch the oil painting, if not careful, we would never think that this is a piece of LED display, but put it completely to look at it as a painting. In our eyes, it not only is not abrupt, it can bring us the beauty of an unexpected. Here's the challenge: how to design the frame with the surrounding environment more harmonious; How to further optimize the LED display quality; How to design the shape and appearance of the LED display, or building harmony with surrounding environment. This is all we need to think about the problem. From the breakthrough in the value of the kernel now full color LED display companies already in the industry, the deepening in the creative display, there are some enterprises in development and production of oil painting, all of these are rethinking the value of the LED display process. Take beautiful picture scroll, the Olympic Games in Beijing in the first place, I'm afraid no one would have thought that this is a huge piece of LED display, but completely immersed in it created a thick, strong artistic atmosphere. This is the value of the LED display is another kind of rendering. In the future, with the further development of the LED display technology, with mass consumption demand towards, personalized, customized and artistic such differentiation product & ndash; — Such as oil painting, creative screen flowers bound a display is now in front of everyone. The current of the LED display industry has entered the development of our country's a bottleneck period, we are faced with excess capacity, price competition, profit diluted brings the huge pressure. Nothing down, nothing up, the more in hard times, the more we should have a good plan for the future development. If we LED display can timely adjust and change our minds, from the aspect of value on thinking about how to realize the value of the LED display do russsian, whole, make ideas fall to the ground. The outlook for the LED display industry in China will be very bright, we must come to look forward to a more splendid tomorrow. 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