Inventory of LED outdoor large screen some of the problems they face

by:GKGD     2020-04-11
What problem LED outdoor large screen face? Small make up to today and all inventory to summarize some of the problems faced by outdoor LED display. 1, ageing 'psoriasis' along with the urban development, change, and the planning of the urbanization process in some installation time earlier LED display has been unable to adapt to the latest planning and construction, combined with the fixed number of year old, often appear when running flower screen with adverse reactions such as 'caterpillar' phenomenon, at the same time of influence to watch and publicity effect, also caused the bad influence to the urban environment, as a result, this city 'psoriasis' tend to be the first to be the goal of rectification. 2, LED screen of spontaneous combustion risk for a long time, the security problems of outdoor LED display, with the rapid expansion of early outdoor LED display market, leading to the cause of the accident, to sum up the basic can be divided into 'natural' and 'man-made' two cases, the former belongs to disrepair, circuit aging caused by negligence of management, and short circuit; The latter is in order to save cost and man-made safe hidden trouble. 3, the hidden trouble of the flow in the second - and third-tier cities, often can see the LED advertising vehicles, is in order to promote the scope of coverage as large as possible, some vendors will often choose by vehicle loading LED display and audio amplifiers, secretly to transform it into the LED advertising vehicle. According to relevant rules and regulations, the factory vehicle without the approval of the relevant departments of any unit or individual is allowed to use the traffic vehicle body ( Besides the bus) Setting ads or using load play outdoor advertising in the form of electronic screen, sound and so on, once investigated, will face the dismantled the billboard or fines or other penalties. But the car did not to transform the advertising by related department approval, often one-sided pursuit of the volume and brightness for publicity, and to promote needs while driving in the rush hour on the road slowly, so easy to bring a lot of road traffic hazards. 4, light pollution in the early 1930 s, the international day letters, puts forward the concept of light pollution, light pollution, however, it was not until recent years attention by people. And in the city more and more of the outdoor LED display screen, advertising will inevitably become one of the maker of light pollution, LED practitioners to cater to the market demand, combined with some one-sided pursuit of high brightness, or using high brightness light source to cover the products with defects, in a certain extent, contributed to the severity of light pollution.
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