Large companies are overweight LED display 'the market' to fire!

by:GKGD     2020-06-24
: April 15th lehman shares issued in the first quarter report as of March 31, 2016, the company posted revenue of 108024389. 20 yuan, 50 year-on-year increase. 06%. The company insists on the implementation of high-tech LED with sports business double main business development strategy. Julia DE April 23 DE first-quarter report, in the first quarter of 2016, the company business income is 807479643. 93 yuan, year-on-year increase of 256. 36%, the company since 2016, the business sector is divided into culture plate and technology sector. Chau Ming technology on April 23, chau Ming first-quarter report, during the reporting period, the company business income is 26860. Increase the 26, 580000 yuan more than the same period last year. 33%. In the first quarter of 2016, the company according to the established by the board of directors of the second five-year strategic plan deployment, closely around & other; Throughout industry + + Internet financial &; Appoaches strategic guidelines, steadily and effectively promote the development of the implementation of the various business activities. Lianjian photoelectric factory on April 27, photoelectric first-quarter report: company operating revenue for 36969. 44, 720000 yuan more than the same period last year growth. 15%; During the reporting period, the company through a wholly owned subsidiary continue to acquire precise focus remaining 71. 60% stake, precise focus became a subsidiary of the company has a 100% stake. LED display market opportunities 01, 2016 small spacing market compared to the traditional LED display, small spacing display research on technology, capital, production capacity, marketing model have higher requirements, higher threshold. Currently involved in business enterprise, small spacing is more strong comprehensive strength of large enterprises, especially in the listed companies. Small spacing of the hot spot of the market has a television studio, energy/transportation dispatching center, the public security monitoring center, conference room, military command center, and so on. Application of 02, leasing market is stage background led weaving, party, etc, it can live on the scene and highlight replays, broke the limitation of seats, let away from the stage the audience can clearly see the performances on the stage, create a spectacular, infectious atmosphere, coupled with high quality sound effects, give a person a perfect audio-visual feast. Main application places party, event, concert theatre theater, television, high-grade entertainment, etc. 03 , outdoor media market with its unique advantages, has gradually replaced the traditional billboards, three, light boxes, such as a new power of advertising media. In recent years, with advertising screen location approval more and more strict, a line of the market in the control volume, the second - and third-tier cities market space is large, but the size of the market and quality demands lower, vicious price competition, profit margins decline, tense capital chain, phased payment, such as operating income into Numbers are increasingly severe. companies want to maintain an inherent advantage in outdoor media market, and further development, not only has a unique innovation, more to strengthen the standardization of products in response to a universal application requirements, or close to the market segment of customer application requirements, create differentiated competitive advantage. Main application of advertising media have building building airport, station, landmark buildings, busy streets, shopping malls, square, park, community shopping center, etc. 04, indoor display market as Internet elements in the retail industry the rapid penetration of the retail industry users' information demand increase at a rapid pace, more and more people begin to use the screen interaction between the store merchandise and brand show, consumer experience and data analysis, etc. At present, the basic saturated market first-tier cities, lower-tier cities have a certain market, price competition is intense. Solid loading LED indoor hall information display screen is mainly used places have retail brand shop, business super, big media companies, cinemas, etc. 5, creative display market now basically every city has a museum, science museum and other places, and has the close relation with high-tech products. Science and technology museum of the globe, for example, often using a spherical , not only can dynamically display the earth landscape, also can demonstrate the evolution of earth, not only can have very good education effect, also can have adornment effect, is a perfect work of art. Current creative LED screen application places are museum LED LED helix spherical screen, science and technology museum and creative LED rubik's cube, the children's palace LED screen, therefore the LED drum screen, as well as art museum, museum of art, experience and so on. In the future, along with our country economic development, increasing need of external display promotion, will put forward more requirements on the industry, higher resolution, more vivid colors. industry is bound to win further, China's electronic display industry will also be constantly moving towards the world. Keywords: shanxi LED display indoor LED display, outdoor LED display full color LED display manufacturers
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