Large outdoor LED large screen on a romantic marriage proposal moved the crowd

by:GKGD     2020-05-02
According to sohu news reports, a large outdoor LED large screen scene touched many spectators romantic marriage proposal. 'Tingting, have known you for two years, more than 700 days to walk with you is my life the best memories. I know, marriage is not only a form, but also with the promise of life waiting for you, so today I want to, of all people, said to you, I love you, marry to me! Maybe I'm not the best, but must be really love you, life, life. 'Yesterday evening, 22, a Beijing girl tingting and her boyfriend about good meet under the LED screen of fenglian plaza, when she had just under the large screen to stop at the moment of feet, big screen was coming out of her boyfriend called her voice, and a long love confession and romantic marriage, tingting looked up and looked at the big screen, big screen upload is' today you want to marry me 'the romantic music, picture is she and her boyfriend sweet microcosm, and is to propose to their boyfriends, real, for a moment she stared to god. After 2 minutes and 55 seconds, proposed the video was over, her boyfriend gingerly stepped out from the fenglian plaza, looking forward to tingting's consent. Tingting just believe, that really is her boyfriend proposed to her, she wipe crystal tears, ran to the arms of her boyfriend, hugged each other tightly. Moved by the moment of the onlookers, everyone applauded, blessing for the handsome boy beauty all's well that ends well. Tingting's boyfriend field new camp, told reporters that he's two years older than tingting, come from shandong, and tingting are introduced through friends. He had just quit the job and is in a career lows, but tingting didn't abandon, but gave him unlimited courage, later he found a new job. Tian said the new camp, six months ago he has been to propose to tingting, in what way one day he came down from the display screen pass by, all of a sudden inspiration. A month ago, he ask mall, to the LED screen to propose to his girlfriend. Mall feel this is a good thing, very readily agreed. And there was a romantic and warm, propose to the scene.
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