Large outdoor screen solution temperature circumstances

by:GKGD     2020-07-03
We all know some countries or regions, most of all the year round temperature under 0 ℃, even in the night - Below 30 ℃, the area of LED display, when the environment temperature is too low, will cause the power to open on the screen is not successful, so we want to do a good job of large outdoor screen heat preservation. Shanxi science and technology provided below in the case of cryogenic insulation large outdoor screen solution: 1, with cryogenic power: Japan TDK ultra-low power, Taiwan Ming Hui cryogenic power, changzhou ChuangLian cryogenic power, can achieve - such as shenzhen nova cryogenic power 40℃; - - - - - - 25 ℃ under the environment of startup. Among them, when in low temperature environment close to the power supply temperature limit ( Such as - 35 ℃ with ultra-low temperature) , the power supply load power derating, derating rate close to 50%. 2, equipped with hot air curtain within the LED display: do enclosed inside the screen, and in the rear part of the add a hot wind axial flow, hot blast work running condition of the axial flow through the temperature control system. When the temperature is lower than the minimum temperature Settings, the thermal heating fan, screen body temperature rises, and then open the screen body, when the temperature reaches set temperature, the temperature control system is cut off for hot fan power supply of alternating current. 3, power supply, PCB circuit board & other; Three prevention & throughout; Dealing with outdoor LED electronic display screen in the outdoor environment for a long time, so for PCB, power supply, such as solder fog high and low temperature resistance, waterproof, anticorrosion properties. We to the outdoor electronic display system of PCB, components and solder joints for comprehensive & other; Three prevention & throughout; Processing, circuit board is three paint, paint is a special recipe is used to protect against erosion of the circuit board and related equipment, so as to improve and prolong their service life, ensure safety and reliability. LED display; Indoor full color LED display; full color LED display price; LED electronic screen
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