Large-scale electronic display manufacturers: the application range of LED floor tile screens are described!

by:GKGD     2021-05-21

Because of its variety of colors, stable performance and long service life, the led floor tile screen decorates every part of people’s living environment, making the city more colorful in the night environment and adding a lot of fun. Improve people's level of enjoyment of life, our large-scale electronic display manufacturer will talk about the application range of LED floor tiles!

Application range of LED floor tile screen:

1. Urban greening decoration

Whenever different festivals come, flowers and trees living in the city Colorful lights of different sizes will be added to bring people a different festive atmosphere and make the city more warm. However, the decoration of colored lights does not mean unique decoration. Different companies or special locations will make full use of LED floor tiles. The characteristics are the icing on the cake for urban decoration, so the indispensable LED floor tile screen in the range of urban greening decoration brings more surprises to the decoration;

2. Corporate identity

With the development of different new entrepreneurial zones in various regions, more and more enterprises and entrepreneurial companies will choose high-tech zones as their development bases. More companies have begun to pay attention to the distinction between unit logos and other units, so companies will choose Suppliers that can supply professional LED floor tile screens to complete the decoration and production of corporate logos. The use of LED floor tile screens can make companies stand out in a darker environment. Therefore, corporate logos have also become one of the application areas of LED floor tile screens; /p>

3. Large-scale performance venues

Because of the different colors of lights and different colors of LED floor tiles in the performance venues, different atmospheres can be rendered for the entire performance venue to bring different audiences The visual feast and atmosphere of the TV show and because of the many scene changes, the LED floor tile screen displays different colors in different scenes, so it has become an indispensable LED floor tile screen for large-scale performance venues.

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