LED application advantage more transparent screen in the restaurant

by:GKGD     2020-04-06
In recent years, with the continuous development of transparent LED displays, LED the transparent panel products is more and more rich, the scene is becoming more and more widely used, even in daily life indispensable dining-room appear transparent electronic screen. The transparent glass LED screen in the restaurant have what advantage, where to install right? Generally speaking, the dining room display products mainly LCD and LED display, its function is used to display the new dishes, the vegetables, the service information, such as holiday greetings. Of course, the screen can also play some novel content, to attract passing pedestrians to restaurant. Restaurant near the stream of people is more, the shopkeeper focus on consumers into the store rate and the amount of consumption. So how to better attract consumers to buy into the shop? A good propaganda media is very important, the transparent glass LED screen is one of them. In general, businesses can be transparent glass LED screen in the glass window of the store, hanging in the hall or do partition effect, transparent screen is not only a new advertising media, can play the bright colours, appear a fantasy video and text messages to attract customers into the store, also can have very good shop decoration effect, light, thin, fashionable transparent screen when using do not affect indoor daylighting and watch the line of sight, for customers to build a comfortable dining environment, in addition, the store can also be in a transparent screen some video and image of thrift, reduce waste, improve customer meal quality, to advocate civilized dining play a big role. Transparent electronic restaurant LED screen this kind of media not only combines the modern advanced technology and equipment, and also has a great breakthrough in the field of green environmental protection, high permeability, transparent LED screen colors should be bright and dynamic picture and text messages can be two-way display. Not only requires the screen size is big, wide viewing angles play effect is also very shocked, can fully attract the attention of customers.
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