LED application more and more out of the 'circle' is inevitable

by:GKGD     2020-04-07
With the progress of technology and development of transparent glass screen with its new LED display mode, the appearance of the thin design, high-end atmospheric science and technology, in which occupies a place. As a segment of the market of LED display, the transparent glass LED screen bring you an unprecedented visual perception and experience of application of new and rich types and display mode, the LED display products fill the blank in the field of LED transparent display, to provide customers with more choices and possible. Has long been a LED display industry professional exhibition is not less, from the domestic exhibition of two leds in guangzhou, Shanghai, to all kinds of stage equipment exhibition, to overseas the InfoComm show, Holland ISE exhibition, etc. , are LED display industry enterprise of large-scale exhibition. But in recent years, LED companies seems to start '' way of doing things, popping up on security exhibition, exhibition, multimedia exhibition and so on various types of exhibitions. Whether it is 'hungry', or 'divide-and-conquer'? 'Church'? LED companies' have you read it? Recently, Worship facilities of 2017 expo ( WFX exhibition) Dallas, convention and exhibition centre in the United States, it is understood that the show is geared to the needs of the church in the us market, the largest multimedia products and solutions for expo. This seemingly little involvement of the exhibition and LED display industry, but also attracted the domestic enterprises to participate in. Of course, the seemingly unrelated, but also related. In recent years, along with the progress of science and technology, churches, temples and other places of grave and traditional also began to sound installation, display, for weeks, publicity and other activities. And LED display as a big show of nature become to be one of the options. And, this exhibition is given priority to with multimedia products, LED display in indoor and field for many years, under the small spacing of mature technology, appear this kind of exhibition is more logical. Similarly, at the end of November 2017 China international education exhibition wisdom, also attracted industry companies involved. In fact, the education sector for LED display arguably remains relatively strange, though the case of LED screen to enter the campus, but usually for performing arts hall, propaganda and so on correlation between education and the smaller side, this time to participate in the education exhibition, on the education with screen, visible in various conditions such as technology, education equipment upgrade gradually mature, the LED display used in the education field is just around the corner. In addition, to be held in shenzhen last month ember will appear a lot of LED display companies, is enough to see the value in the field of LED display industry for segmentation. Wisdom city across the globe, security monitoring center, integrated command platform application more and more, small spacing LED demand is rising, so also makes more and more LED manufacturers began to value promotion in the field of security. To participate in the exhibition, displaying its own enterprise's strength and the product performance, at the same time also can communicate with the old customers more, and attract new customers, or even a part of the promotion strategy. But it is well known that participate in the exhibition expensive and time-consuming, laborious, pay is proportional to the harvest is not necessarily, so the industry manufacturers to participate in the exhibition are after some thought. This also reflected from the side LED manufacturers to participate in all kinds of exhibition, also is a kind of value of market in this field. LED application is more and more widely, out of the 'circle' is inevitably LED display in emerging areas such as security, education, multimedia brush 'face', because conventional screen market competition heats up in recent years, combined with the niche market also presents a vigorous development trend, focusing on niche or alleviate the pressure of competition; Second, small spacing technology maturity, the price is lower, and the pursuit of high quality display market, also make the LED display started trying to applied in more fields, such as cinemas, education, advertising machine, and so on. Under this trend, LED display, expanding the application scope of products, especially small spacing even erosion of the projection, DLP and other display products market share, let the LED display are increasingly entering into everyday life, frequently 'brush face' in front of the public. And LED display application scope, in turn, to manufacturers, enterprises put forward more requirements, in addition to the technical level to adapt to all kinds of application, on the promotion has become particularly important. LED display professional stronger, which leads to the general public contact less, than this is LED LCD, DLP, projection, etc. Indoor display areas, in particular, the rise of LED display in indoor application time is shorter, understanding of the potential users are still relatively shallow, if education market continued to lack, so people used in indoor screen is easy to overlook when needed, or distrust the LED display screen, switching to a more familiar with LCD, projection, and other products, for the LED display industry, no doubt is a big loss. For LED display manufacturers, therefore, on the one hand, to participate in the exhibition industry, it is necessary for new and old customers to show products and power; On the other hand, out of the 'circle' of the industry, to other segment of the market, potential market on the exhibition of appearance, not only can show the charm of LED display, to more timely market education, also can explore potential business opportunities, beat into emerging markets, winning advantage, is fully staffed. However, although the 'outside' brush face has a lot of benefits, but that doesn't mean the more brush a face, the better. In addition to consider participation costs, in the field of LED application is not very mature, if not fully consider the market demand, in the field of the lack of good product and display scheme is anxious, not only attractive, even by its short, counterproductive.
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